Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call off the search party....

We were in fact not left behind in Costa Rica.....I've just been to lazy to mosey on down to the library. Plus my cheap ass was waiting for another internet special. Sorry to disappoint all my loyal fans!! :)

We had yet another jam packed day yesterday. Arrived in Limon, Costa Rica early in the morning. The 5:30 wake up call was about as inviting as yesterday, I slept through the docking today. Adam however watched it from the balcony and got tons of "great" photos. It was pitch black dark since Costa Rica is 2 hours behind ship time. Oh well, we'll let Ansel Adams have his moment.

We met up with our tour about 8am. It was a small group, only 8 of us plus our guide and driver. Gotta love non Carnival excursions. We had a very nice, eclectic group. Everyone had a blast. We started of the day at a local fruit stand tasting mini bananas, pineapple, mangos, etc. You really can't beat fresh fruit! On the drive to our next stop we did a little monkey searching, and I, with the eye of a tiger, was the first to spot them. We literally pulled off on the side of the road to check them out. There was a whole family, maybe 10 in all. It was awesome to just see them, hanging out as the semi's rolled by on the road.

Our first stop was zip lining. They got us all strapped in, gave us a quick demo, and we were off on a tractor pulled train. Up. Up. Up. I got more nervous as we went along. I'd already dreamt the night before that Adam chickened it was looking like I might be the wuss. Paul and Joe went first then Krista and her mom. I was up. I got to the top of the platform and thought....hmm. Little different than 6th grade outdoor ed in Omaha.....but here goes nothing! It was amazing. We did 10 platforms in all, starting from the top of the rainforest and working our way back down. Adam and I had the time of our life and can't believe we actually zip lined in Costa Rica. How cool!

After our adrenaline rush, we ventured on to the Del Monte banana plantation. It was really fascinating to see how it all works. It's basically a big banana sweatshop minus Kathy Lee. But when you can buy a mansion for 100K, I guess $25.00 a day isn't so bad. Next we went on a boat ride through one of Costa Rica's many natural, freshwater, canals. We saw lots of birds, sloths and iguanas....but no crocodiles. I was ok with that. Adam was happy the boat wasn't homemade like in Panama. :) Always the picky one. Our final stop was to Bonita Beach where we ate lunch. A delicious meal of chicken, rice and beans, and fried plantains. Seems to be the typical Caribbean fare. I was glad it wasn't fish again. :)

We got back to the boat RIGHT in stand in line for 30 min before getting back on board. So much for missing the rush like the day before. Oh well. At least we watched it pull away from on the ship instead of on the pier. We finished the afternoon off with a nap. What a hard life.

Today's day at sea was welcomed with open arms. We slept in until about 9:30. Grabbed a little breakfast and then did the breast cancer walk. It was only a mile, but was probably the most working out I've seen all week. Plus it was for a good cause, so we couldn't miss the chance to walk around the deck with all the blue hairs and get our picture taken by the Carnival photogs....again! The rest of the day I baked outside. Adam stayed in doing god knows what, trying to avoid a sunburn. We met for lunch before parting for more baking. Ate dinner in Nick and Nora's tonight. OMG. Definitely worth the little extra $$. It was delicious, we left yet again stuffed to the gills. Caught the Beatles show in the lounge and then settled in to hear our new favorite, Brett the acoustic guitar player....and the only American crew member I've seen. He claims he's not the token, but I have yet to see proof.

Our last day on port tomorrow. Belize!!
Peace out!

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