Friday, March 6, 2009

Seriously? YOU have a better day!

How is it only 8:00am on my Friday off and I'm already irritated beyond repair? Oh right, cause 5/3 bank is (earmuffs please) fucking stupid! So I signed on to my account this morning to bask in my new found balance, gotta love pay day, only to notice this funny little red exclamation point. Hmm...never seen that before, so out of curiosity I click on it. OMG! I overdrew my account! How is that humany possible? I grab my calculator and do some quick math....ok, obviously the bank had a special needs moment, cause I'm showing there is no way that happened. After a slight temper tantrum, I compose myself and call customer service.

Here's how it works out in my head. On March 5, I deposit my paycheck. The mortgage is also automatically deducted this day so I figure I'm in the clear. There's where I make my mistake.

Here's how it works in 5/3 banks head. On March 5 a check is deposited. We will give her access to 100.00 until said check clears on the following business day, but she doesn't know this, sucker. At 11:59pm we're going to take her mortgage payment out, however remember she only has 100.00 of that check. Account overdrawn. Money trasferred from savings. At 12:00am check clears and just to stick it to her, she also got her other paycheck directly deposited so now has an available balance that's so freakin' huge it will appear the overdraw could have never occured and will confuse the living shit out of her. Hehe. Score one for the bank.

Seriously? One freakin' minute? ONE! That's the difference between being in the red and being in the black. I guess I already know my moral for today. To top it all off, as I admit defeat the woman at customer service says "Have a better day miss" At the point I wanted to slam the phone on her, but you can't slam down a cell phone, what a crock. Adam said I should have slammed it anyway...then said. "I slammed my phone on you...and now I'm hanging up." At least I can always count on him to make me laugh.

On a happier is still Friday!! YAY! The official start of my weekend! I lost 3 more pounds.....bikini here I come! Double YAY! And I finally get my brows waxed today, thank god! Happy Friday's to a better day! :)

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Maria said...

i just texted you. omg. i was seriously loling for 30 seconds with what adam told you to do w/ slamming the phone down. and i'm at work!!!! you can see how this would possibly pose a problem. haha.

umm...yeah...i learned this little trick the hard way, too. it all boils down to banks being evil. oh...mine happened b/c i made a return using my debit card, but i also made a bunch of purchases that day too. i assumed since i "put money back in" my account i'd be okay for these additional purchases. nope. doesn't work that way. the merchants always post your purchases immediately (and the purchases that are the most end up getting higher priority), but returns take longer to process and are not immediately posted to your account. so in your head (or mine in this case) i THOUGHT my account was good to go, but i was really overdrawn in the bank's eyes.

again, they are EVIL.