Monday, March 23, 2009


And I don't mean obnoxious kids. I'm referring to the Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast diet which I've adopted. What I thought early this am was a mere hangover from our late night, appears to have progressed to your average run of the mill stomach virus, or so the nurse in the infirmary tells me. I have finally made it our of the cabin.....and am officially puke free for 2 hours and counting. Woo Hoo!! We were going to eat dinner in the restaurant tonight in honor of our 2 year anniversary to the day we met, but we've moved it to Thursday. I want to make sure I don't see that delicious steak on the flip side if you know what I mean.

On a happier note, we had an amazing day yesterday. The winds finally died down a bit and the sun came out in full force. I have the burn marks to prove it, not too bad though and only on my chest. There was some great people watching to be had and I've decided bikinis are a privelage NOT a right. As a curvy girl myself I know the trials and tribulations of swim suit shopping, but finding a nice, fuller coverage 2 piece is possible ladies. Just cause they make it in your size and you can cram your rolls into it does not give you permission to blind the rest of us.

Dinner was formal last night and I was rockin' my new high heels. My drink of the night was a chocolate martini, but after the day I've had I'm not sure I will drinking anymore adult beverages. Haha. We met a nice young couple from Philly whom we spent the evening with, moving from bar to bar and catching the late night "R" rated comedian. We might even try sitting with them for dinner since our table mates still have yet to join us.....I'll probably wait till I'm back on solid foods though.

We're looking forward to arriving in Panama tomorrow!!

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Maria said...

sorry to hear you are/were sick, best friend. hopefully you're over it now!!