Friday, March 13, 2009

One week!!!

EEeeekkkk!!! One week from today we will be on a plane flying to Miami! I remember booking our honeymoon and the countdown was well over a year....we thought it would never be here. We've been busy shopping and I've acquired some super cute new stuff. In fact, one of my dresses is featured in the new JCPenney commerical, who knew I had such good taste! :) I'm not usually a JCP shopper, but last week we had some towels to return and while waiting in line it caught my eye. At 60% off it was a friggin' steal! Here's a sneak peak fashion show of cruise '09!! Only 7 days stand between me and 80+ degrees.


Maria said...

Dude I love that JCP dress. I saw that very one and thought it would be fun for Jamaica! :) Oh and yeah...JCP has really turned there "look" around over the last two years. It's made it's way on to my "favorite stores list." And you know just how hard it is to get a spot on that list. :) I'm gonna go there this weekend, use a coupon (get on their mailing/e-mailing lists!), and hopefully find a dress for Steph's wedding. Love ya!!

Maria said...

oops! i spelled there wrong...should be their, not there. grr.