Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day (or 6) late but I finally have a winner!

Sorry for being so tardy with announcing my first official giveaway winner!
As you can see above, the last few days have been a bit hectic.
I put all 78 entries into a random generator and pulled lucky #22, Christina from These are a few of Christina's Favorite Things.
Ironically...now she's the winner of one of MY favorite things!
Here's which one she picked! Enivious? I know I am! I don't even have one yet! Congrats Christina and thanks to all my fabulous followers who entered too!!


Jules said...

Congrats to Christina! She is awesome :)

Christina said...

I'm sooo excited I won! I've been sooo lucky lately. Can't wait to see the necklace.

Thanks for the nice words Jules. You are awesome too!

KLaw said...

Congrats! This is exciting!