Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If money grew on trees....

Buying a house is expensive.
Not just the house part, that's a give in.
I'm talking about lame boring stuff that prevents you from buying anything fun for your new humble abode.
In the past week we found out we need a new A/C.
Boo. Those things don't come cheap.
A new water heater
And let's not forget the crack in the foundation.

Now all the above mentioned items are must haves
But it doesn't make them anymore fun to buy.
Or any easier on the pocketbook
I'd much rather have one of these for my kitchen

And these for the family room

How about this comfy chair for the nursery??
(It already has the pillow that matches our bedding...isn't that a sign??)

A new bedroom set for our room perhaps

Oh Farmhouse Collection from Pottery Barn...let me count the ways.

And of course I can't leave the hubs out. He seems to think we need one of these for the man cave.

Now if I could just find that money tree?? With the veritable jungle growing in my backyard you'd think at least one would have a few extra dollars floating around. No such luck. Looks like I'll be enjoying my hot water, air conditioned, crack free home sans anything fun.


Kim said...

I hear you about the money tree thing! I really am searching for it! It sucks to spend so much money on non-fun things for the house when all I can see is new furniture and decor stuff! We are getting a new roof and windows and I would much rather spend that money on new bedroom furniture!!

Kelsey712 said...

ugh... I can relate. I spent all last night at Lowe's looking at doors and refrigerators/stoves. Let alone flooring, paint, counter tops, etc. etc. Just moving in is expensive though because of the transfers and stuff for utilities!


Mrs. M said...

That's shady, have you talked to your realtor about all of these things needing to be replaced? Your inspection should have caught that, and your seller should have to pay for that! Boo shady sellers!

Love that bedroom set...

Tiffany said...

Yes, I'll take one of each please! :)

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

I know. I had to start buying generic Pop Tarts after we bought our house... cause the REAL ones were too expensive. It totally sucks.


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love that bed!

bananas. said...'ll get there. It just takes time. It took us 2 years to redo the kitchen and buy the tv of dave's dreams.

But i want it all now. I'm the same way.

I'm Molly said...

I feel your pain, girl. When we do finally get to move to a new house I think many of the rooms will have to sit empty for awhile. We have promised ourselves that a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart is out of the question until our savings is replenished.

If you find that money tree somewhere here in KC please send me the map ;)

katie + bret said...

Oh my gosh girl! I feel ya! All day yesterday I was looking at furniture, hardware, paint color, etc... I left work telling Bret "I wish I had a million dollars so decorating a house wouldn't be as stressful!"

Anonymous said...

Ems....Hate that all this is going on, but you will appreciate the dry basement and air conditioning for years to come! You bought a GREAT house with good bones, just have to get through these first couple of glitches. Remember....even new homes aren't perfect.....Martha Circle had the heating duct to no where and Matt's room got no heat or a/c...OP had the "fake" thermostat on second floor, hooked up to nothing....and don't even get me started on the tiny water heater there. Builders did not stand behind any of these things and we were stuck paying for them. Sad...we live in an imperfect world where some people "screw" others:>) xoxoxmom

PS when you're bummed about the house think of these 3 words: trailer, Ivy, Bend !!!!

Lindsey said...

You have great taste!!! I want all of that now too, haha!

Kristen said...

funny, my husband thinks we need that for our man cave too! lol When you find that money tree make sure to share... and I hope you guys have a home warranty so all you have to pay is a deductible! Good luck with everything!

Jen said...

Oh I know how you feel! while we had to buy living room and bedroom furniture when we bought our house (we didn't have any), I had a strict budget to adhere too, and multiple furniture pieces to squeeze into that budget. No Pottery Barn for me!

It's a process and prioritization. Yeah, you're stuck buying the water heater and A/C now, but next year at this time, maybe you'll be buying that new Pottery Barn bedroom set! And maybe you can get that chair for the nursery closer to when the baby is born, when you'll actually use it.

Good luck with the new house!

Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

If you ever find that tree PLEASE tell me where it is :)

Brittany said...

If you ever find the money tree, please send it my way!! I'd like some new carpet!

Annie said...

i hear ya lady!! it never ends either!! just when you think you have everything just how you like it you will want to change or update something else!!
we just redid the flooring upstairs and i thought i would be happy....nope, i want to redo the upstairs bathroom now and paint our bedroom - i want turquoise and white in there....ugh, never ending!!
if i find the $ tree i will share....i hope if you find it you will share too ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yeah that stuff doesn't come cheap. I just had to get a new water heater and was shocked at how much those things can cost!

Bonnie said...

Oh yes, your money tree must be planted right next to mine - ON ANOTHER PLANET!! HAHA! I know it can be rough moving & buying a house. We did it when I was 7 months pregnant. We also had a rehab loan (with appliances built in) & did work on the house before we moved in. It took over TWO MONTHS to get our damn fridge! We didn't get the fridge until after I had the baby. It was a nightmare & I hope your experience is better than mine.
I've been slacking at my blog reading lately. I need to catch up on yours! Hope you have a great day.