Thursday, May 20, 2010

My knight in shining armor

This week the prodigal son has returned!
That's right...Moose is back!

After living with my parents for the last 10 months I had mixed feelings for his return home.

Sure I loved that sweet little face, but we'd gotten pretty used to being a one dog family again, and honestly it was kind of nice. I know my Kasey sure enjoyed being an only child!

But enough was enough.
And I think my parents had their Moose fill.....his visa had expired and it was time to go.

I was actually pretty excited to see him on Monday when my dad dropped him off.
Then he peed on the kitchen floor.
About 5 seconds after being outside.
Then he tried to eat Kasey's food.
Mind you his bowl was full and untouched.
Then the barking began.
He pretty much barks at everything and nothing all at the same time.
He continued to run through the house like a mad man...disturbing the peace wherever he went.
Last night I found my neatly stacked cloth diapers strewn all over the guest bed.
My husband had to say only one word.

Well this morning he redeemed himself.
We have spiders.
Not a lot. But one is enough for me.
Big ugly black spiders that I swear jump and attack when you try and kill them.
Moose found one of these said creepy crawlers running across the bedroom floor.
I was afraid he was going to eat it (gross) or worse chase it under the bed before I could kill I yelled "MOOSE!" To which he looked up, and BAM, stepped right on that spidey.

Woah. That was awesome.

Now I know it was purely a coincidence, however I like to think he was trying to save his mom.
So I suppose I will let him know, just in case there are any more spiders.


Lindsey said...

That face is just too precious for words!!!

Annie said...

haha! he saved you from a vicious spider! ;)
his face really is too cute!!
i'm sure he is happy to be back home with his family!

bananas. said...

but oh my gosh, he's so cuuuute!!! i love that he saved you from that monstrously big black venomous spider! go moose!!!

Kristen said...

What a stinker, but he has a face that would be hard to stay mad at :-)

Kristen said...

What a stinker, but he has a face that would be hard to stay mad at :-)

KLaw said...

Look at that face! OMG!!! He's adorable :)

Brittany Ann said...

Adorable and a spider killer? Yeah, he's a keeper.

Brittany said...

Too funny! He is just a smartie!

Jen said...

Aw, he is too cute! I love that little face. I know how you feel though -- I have a mostly-love/hate relationship with my dog too. The things Moose has done since returning home sound oddly like the things my dog does randomly to remind me that he's really the one in control. LOL

Jules said...

Aw…Moose is back! He is so cute and sounds similar to our Mandy. She will bark at the air for no reason and it drives me nuts. We love her though. Moose totally had your back on that spider ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, you would never know he's causing such a fuss by just looking at his photo. Cute!

Nishant said...

That face is just too precious for words!!!
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