Monday, October 11, 2010

10-9-10 ~ 2 months

Dear Jamie,

Two months. Wow. How did that happen?! It seems like only yesterday we were driving you home from the hospital and now here you are a completely different little person! You're becoming more and more baby and less and less newborn everyday. And while I'm a little sad to pack away your itty bitty newborn clothes I'd be lying to say I won't really miss the sleepless nights. Yes that's right little man, you are officially sleeping through the night and have been for two weeks now! You're even putting yourself to sleep most nights which means the countless hours in our favorite chair are less and less, though sometimes we rock and snuggle anyways cause mama enjoys it so much and I know you do too. Every night about 9 we start your bath which you love! We've had to graduate from the bathroom sink to the kitchen cause you're loooong legs didn't fit all the way in anymore. You get your last bottle and are down for the count by 10 or 10:30. It's wonderful. I dare say I will even miss it when you start going to bed earlier cause it will just mean less time together when I get home from work. You're still eating 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours with no signs of wanting more. It would be nice to have a little longer between feedings (hint hint) but I won't complain. Today we go to the doctor to get your official stats (and some shots, not sure who's going to cry or me) and I'm guessing you weigh 12 pounds already. Your little legs are starting to pudge up, I love it! You're wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, but are in a few 3-6 already because you're so darn tall! We're still going strong with cloth diapers and loving it, so HA! to all those nay sayers who said I wouldn't last 2 weeks! Your eyes are getting bluer everyday and your hair is getting blonder and blonder. Mama thinks you're gonna break some hearts with that face one day! Though you're still sporting a bit of a baby mullet....grandma DD says you need to take a trip to Great Clips! You're a pretty happy guy most of the time making lots of silly faces for us. You've also perfected the pouty says you get that from me. Hmph. You LOVE your play mat and mobile and will lay there and "talk" and bat at all the toys forever. It's so funny to hear you babbling away in your crib every morning on the monitor before I come get you up for the day. And just yesterday while laying on the mat, arms and legs just flailing actually brought your arm up and grabbed a toy like it was exactly what you wanted to do. I can't even describe how amazing it is to watch you explore and discover your little world and I can't wait to continue to watch you grow.

Happy 2 Months!!
Love you boo boo!



KLaw said...

Awww! God, time is really flying isn't it? He's such a cutie!!

Annie said...

2 months already! crazy!! he is super cute!! love that little outfit!! :)
hope you guys had a great weekend!!

capperson said...

Wow, time sure does fly! He's such a cutie!!!! I love his outfit!!

Ashley Paige said...

Umm. When did he become a little MAN???! He's so cute.. Like, SO cute. Can't stand how time is flying by!!!

Molly said...

2 months already? No way! See, I told you this goes lightening fast. Take lots of pictures, mama! You'll want to remember that baby face :)

Happy 2 months Jamie!

Nikki said...

I love his baby legs...I need to get some of those for they have a thunder thigh size?

Gwen said...

How sweet!!! I can't believe he's 2 months old already and I haven't gotten to hold his precious self yet. ;) XOXO