Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Challenge ~ Day 9

Day 9 ~ Friends

I've been pretty blessed in the friends department.
As far as best friends go I have three.

Carolyn. My partner in crime since the 3rd grade who helped me sneak wine coolers and prank call boys.

Nikki. One of the first people I met my Freshman year of college. She was there the first (and last) time I smoked a cigarette. We were roommates. Twice. She was there the day I stole an orange cone and walked it all the way down High Street. We mastered the fine art of chewing 5 pound bags of gum. Together we've planned our weddings and had our first babies. She's been there through it all and I can't imagine life without her!

Maria. My sorority sister and roomie. We had dueling pampasan chairs and a love for the Coyote Ugly Soundtrack. She witnessed me "surf" the hallways many a Friday night and forced me to stop studying for finals on my 21st birthday so I could hobble down to the bar on my broken foot and buy my first legal drink!

All of these lovely ladies were my bridesmaids along with my sister in law Jade. Each one is very different from the other but together balance out my life. I don't know what I'd do without them!

My first year of college I met a pretty fantastic group of people. We've stayed friends through it all and until the hubs and I moved 10 hours away, we saw them all on a regular basis. Now unfortunately our visits are limited to holidays and brief trips back to Ohio...but we've done our best to keep in touch. Every year for as long as I can remember we all go down to Hocking Hills, OH for our annual "camping" trip. I use the term camping loosely because it involves indoor plumbing, satellite TV, hot tubs, and mass amounts of beer. We do usually have a fire pit complete with all the smores fixins, that's about as rustic as it gets. We had to miss last year for the first time ever....but I'm hoping to make the next one!

And last but certainly not least are the wonderful women I've met through blogging. When I started this thing I never in a million years expected to meet such awesome people. In a new town where I'm still trying to find my place, I'm lucky to have these ladies make it feel a little bit more like home!


Stephanie said...

Love this post! Love the wedding pic with the girls, so dramatic and I adore it! And can I join your group and go 'camping' there?!

Brittany said...

How fun! It seems like you have a wonderful group of friends. I have never been to Hocking Hills (gasp), but I really want to go. Your trip looks so fun.

skinnybitching said...

girlfriends are the best! so fun that you and a group of fellow bloggers have gotten to know each other so well!

Domestic Goddess said...

aw...so glad i met you too!

2 things:
1. your new headers is adorable

2. i ADORE the pic of you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day...so chic!

do you still want my hair lady? she's in briarcliff and i have a referral card so you'll get 20$ off! :)

happy tuesday!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Oh how fun! I'm with all the other comments love the bridesmaid pic. So cool

Nikki said...

Aww...very cute. And I think it was 3 times we were roomies...although sometimes we'd like to pretend sophomore year didn't happen :)

Brown Girl said...

That's awesome, all your friends seem fabulous. Love the new header as well, your little man is precious!

Jordan said...

I'm so glad we met too! It's made a world of difference in this move, even though I did already have friends here. It's so nice to have so many different groups of friends all over the country!

Lacey said...

Great post. Great pictures. Sounds like you have quite a fun group of ladies by your side!

d.a.r. said...

You girls have been such a blessing to me, I am so lucky to have met you!

Girlfriends really are the best :)

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