Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Day Challenge ~ Day 5

Day 5: Siblings
The Foo. That pretty much sums up my older brother Matt.

He's a lover of all things wine, video games and sports.

We joke that if worm races were a sporting event on tv....he'd watch it.

He could live off of Runzas and LaCasa's pizza.

He's the king of bullshit.

But as far as big brothers go, he's a keeper.

One of the first few days after I was born, my proud big brother waited outside all day long to tell everyone his little sister had arrived. He also took it upon himself to invite the mailman in to show me off. A bit of a shock to my mom as she comes downstairs to find a strange man standing over my bassinet. We continued to be best pals in those early days. Building forts out of the couch cushions and having "sleepovers" in the hallway. You see, our mom would never let us stay in each others rooms, but apparently we found a loop hole....cause one night she found us sleeping on the floor in our doorways which were right across from one another.

As we got older ... I still wanted to tag along and hang out with him and all his "cool" friends. He usually saw me as the annoying little sister. The one who tried to put My Little Ponies in his Star Wars ewok village. Apparently this is a no no. They also can't play in GI Joe's jail. Who knew.

We went through those awkward "I hate you" teen years but as soon as I started high school and he went away to college we became friends again. We bonded over KState football and weekends at the lake. We worked together at Arby's. He generously "gave" me "his" car for my 16th Birthday....ya know, the one my parents had bought him 4 years earlier. He took me out drinking for the first time and gave me shots of tequila. Apparently a rite of passage in the David family. I snuck him into the Ohio State vs Michigan game using my sorority sisters student ID. Not an easy task. When a boy broke my heart he offered to beat him up. The day I graduated from college he got me a bottle of Cristal so I could drink it straight up, just like P. Diddy. He's the reason I can "proudly" say I've walked barefoot across the state lawn of Texas. We stood up for each other at our weddings and he was there the day Jamie was born. I don't think I say it enough...but he's a pretty great big brother and I'm lucky to have him.


Kristen said...

you are absolutely lucky to have such a great relationship with a sibling! Good for you guys! :)

Lacey said...

What a great big brother! The Cristal story is priceless. Who wouldn't want to do it up like Diddy? Great story!

Brittany said...

aw, so cute!! I always wanted an other brother..or a brother in general!

skinnybitching said...

aw.. i always wanted a big brother! but, alas i am an only. it sounds like you two have an awesome relationship, you lucky girl!

ps. i love the picture of him dunking you. how sweet... haha

Nikki said...

Ahhh...the cristal...a truly memorable evening.

bananas. said...

can he be my big brother too?? gosh he sounds so awesome!!!

ModernMom said...

He sounds like an amazing big brother...and friend:) What a gift!

Jules said...

Loved reading this and you and your brother sounded like quite the pair growing up. I love the part about your My Little Ponies on his Star Wars and GI Joe territory. Geof told me an opposite story about him and his sister. She is about 6 years older and was into Donny and Marie. She had some Donny and Marie TV Set and Geof set-up his Star Wars Stormtroopers and stole Donny off the set. He told his sister that he was taken to a secret location. Ridiculous.

I love the last pic of the two of you. He sounds like an awesome brother! I can't believe the Cristal story. That is beyond awesome.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I love this! My brother are in the stage of becoming better friends and I hope we can continue.