Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

Or maybe I should say Traveller's Remorse.
All weekend long we planned our Vegas trip.
Found our flights.
Picked a hotel.
Decided on some shows and must see's.
Even planned a potential blogger meet-up with Mrs. Brown.
All that we were waiting for to officially pull the trigger was our tax refund.
Well it showed up in our checking account yesterday and I immediately got buyer's remorse.
Sad considering I haven't even booked anything yet.
I know I said we were going to be all frivolous and spend the money on a much need vacay for my 30th....something I was supposed to do with my mom.
Well in the back of my mind is my mom's practical voice saying
"Should you really be spending that money on a trip???"
My car needs new tires.  Our basement needs a wall and we haven't been able to use the shower in the master bathroom since July.
Sigh.  I hate being all adult and practical, but I have a hard time splurging with so many things hanging over my head.  The hubs says it's my choice in the end.  It's my birthday and he knows how hard it's going to be without my mom.  He even said if I didn't want to take the trip, I should buy the camera I've been lusting over.  Tempting hun, but trading one frivolous purchase for another isn't really solving anything.
I know life is short, my mom is proof of that, and at the end of the day do I want to know I lived everyday to it's fullest.....or do I want to take the safe, practical route?
Oh what to do, what to do......


Lis said...

Wishing I had some wonderful well thought out advice for you... I don't. I will say life IS short and you should go with your heart and what you think your mom would want you to do. She's looking down at you, guiding you through the choices you make every day from the teeny tiny ones to the big ones. I know she's proud of you whatever you decide. I know, just from reading your blog that you do need a break and some time to relax, no matter how you get it!
Sending you prayers and hugs!!! xoxo

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Annnnd that would be me logged into the wrong account. I need coffee.

Cheryl Ann said...

I've been reading your blog since you got pregnant with handsome little Jamie, although I rarely comment. Not even sure how I found you, but I read all the time ;)

As someone who's mom is pretty much one of my very best friends, my heart just aches every time you talk about how much you miss yours. I know it's inevitable that we'll all be without our parents some day, but the fact that the day came so soon for you is just so, so sad.

I say you spend the money on both - put some cash towards fixing something up, and then use some for YOU. You deserve it, and I am sure your mom would want you to splurge a little! Even if it's not the extravagant trip you'd planned for, even just a little time out for you will do ya good, girl ;)

LC said...

I think you should take the trip. It seems like you and hubs could use a little "mental health" vacation. My husband and I are going to Vegas in June- we basically cut the cost of the trip in half by going on a Sunday - Wednesday, rather than over a long weekend. Not sure when you guys were planning to go, but it's an idea.

And as silly and irresponsible as it may seem, sometimes you really just do need to do things for yourself. I think with turning 30, and loosing your mom, and all that comes with owning your first home and being a working mother, you've got a lot on your plate... you are entirely deserving of a little splurge.

SG to SP said...

I totalllllly understand!! My bday is coming up in a few weeks and my husband wants to buy me a nice camera but I keep thinking of all the other things we really should spend that money on, like bills or something for the house. Sucks being a grown-up huh?

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I totally understand too! I think you should go on the trip, it will be so much fun! And then when you get back find ways to cut down on spending for the new tires. p.s. so annoying tires are so expensive too!

Gwen said...

Can I just say I get this same "remorse" every time I think about spending money I have saved. Even if it's the money I save to buy bags I still can't seem to let go of the security.

Do one thing. Ask yourself what would make you happier. Would a break away for your birthday in a fabulous hotel by the pool be the perfect way to spend the money? Would playing with a new camera excite you more? Or would having a shower in your master bath? Whenever I can't decide something hard like this I make a list of what the pros & cons are. I know cheesy right. But by the end normally the decision is perfectly clear. If not...toss a coin. The coin toss never lies.

And finally. Your mom would want you to enjoy that money in whatever way your heart desires. She is looking down on you every day and you are making her so proud. You deserve to have fun and be frivolous if that's what you decide to do.

Love you!

Nikki said...

I say go for the trip. The only trips you've been able to take recently are to visit here to Ohio and those don't really count. You and Adam could really use some time away and those things around your house can be fixed up anytime. Vegas is super fun!

Moe said...

I say go for the trip. Really. Things will always keep breaking (sad but true) and you said this is one of the only times you got money back on your taxes...i think you got it back for a reason - and that reason was to let you take a special trip with your hubby. you guys totally deserve to have some fun. Just my 2 cents. ;)

Jordan said...

This sounds like my internal struggle over...oh every financial decision of my life... I probably don't have much advice, considering we share the same kind of decision. We went the logical route this time, but when the TV deal came available, we went for it. I'd say, enjoy it if you feel like you can afford it, and maybe next time choose to save. It's all about balance, in my opinion, but I definitely feel your pain! Good luck with your decision. And you do deserve the trip (or something else for yourself)!

Melanee said...

take the trip! i've been reading your blog for a while now and i think you totally need and deserve it. you are right when you say that life is short, so now is the time. you won't regret it. the other stuff can continue to wait.

Jules said...

In the end, you'll make the best decision for you, but I think after the year that you've had you could really use this trip. You only live once and I know that it would be a blast, especially if you're celebrating your 30th.

We go through the same indecision in our house. For the cruise we're going on we went back and forth for months. There are certainly other things that money could have been used for, but when it comes down to it I need to get away for a week and I know it will do me good. Now that it's all set in stone, I have no regrets. Geof needs new tires too ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sure you'll figure out exactly what you want to spend the money on. It's always hard knowing that you have stuff that needs fixing etc but really wanting to go on a trip. Good luck with the decision.

Bethany said...

I'd say go for the trip :) I don't think you'd regret it. I've take a lot of trips and I have to say I've never regretted any of them. :)