Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From the desk of James David Eyecansee.....

Hello friends!  Another month gone by, can you believe it!  I was EIGHT months old on Saturday!
It's been pretty exciting around here.
I finally rolled over!  Mom got so excited, waving her arms around and "woo hooing" you'd think she won the lotto.  Instead it just got the dogs all riled up which caused moose to jump on me and scare me to death.  Good job mom.  I calmed down pretty quick though and rolled over again!  Mom tried to tape it, but by that 3rd time I was kind of done with it and refused.  I'm stubborn, what can I say!
I also got my top front teeth this month.  About time, I've been a drool machine for.ev.er!  The left one has completely broken through, the right one is soon to follow.  I've been putting my teeth to good use too, eating puffs and mum-mums like a champ.  Mom tries to tell me not to shove 50 into my mouth at once, but what fun is that!?!  I'm usually just so stoked one actually gets in my mouth!  I also eat two "solid" meals a day now.  Moving on up in the world of food and loving it!  My favorite are the Plum Pouches.  YUM!  Mango's are my top choice with the Spinach, Peas and Pears a close second.  Daddy thinks it's funny that I seem to prefer the organic foods.  What can I say, I have good taste!  Maybe I'll be a chef when I grow up just like Great Grandpa George!
Speaking of Great Grandparents....I helped celebrate my Great Grandma Helen's 97th Birthday this month!  97!  Wow!  She doesn't always know who I am, but she sure thinks I'm cute!  Do you blame her?!
I'm still not crawling, but I'm getting pretty good at scooting on my butt.  I've discovered I can open the doors on the TV stand and will entertain myself with it for hours.  Open.  Slam.  Laugh.  Repeat.  I also like to stand holding on to things.  My crib.  The couch.  The table.  You name it, I'll hang on to it.  I haven't quite mastered pulling my own self up though....usually it looks like I'm doing chin ups before I give up and sit back down.  Mom thinks I'm trying to stand up on my own, but really I'm just working out the guns.
I went to the doctor yesterday for my ear infection follow up.  All clear!  They also weighed me....18.6 pounds!  Not sure how tall, but mom guesses I'm closing in on 29.5-30 inches by the way my clothes are fitting.  I can still wear some of my 9 mos things, but all my new summer clothes are 12 mos and fitting pretty good.  Mom packed away most of my too small clothes and can't believe I ever fit into some of those tiny little things!

My hair is looking a little Strawberry Blond these days and mom thinks I may be a red head.  It looks different all the time so who knows!  One things for sure though, it's getting LONG!  The sides are over my ears and the front is in my eyes all the time!  The baby comb over just isn't cutting it anymore!  Daddy wants to cut it, mommy can't bring herself to do it yet.  Plus she's not convinced I'll sit still long enough for someone even if she tried.  I may be rocking to Justin Bieber for just a few more months!

Until next month...peace out!


Ashley said...

Seriously, he is SOOOO stinking cute! Happy 8 months to Jamie! Cooper's hair is getting so long also, I finally made the decision and we're getting it cut today. Sads. But it is out of control.

KLaw said...

He just melts my heart! I love it!!!

Shannon Dew said...

So adorable!

I'm Jess said...

Hey Jamie! You are getting so big, I'm so glad I got to see you at the birthday lunch! You were such a well behaved little man and you were too cute eating your puffs while your mom chatted! Stay cool little buddy!

Annie said...

8 months!! that is just crazy! he looks like such a big boy in the picture where he is standing!
and that last pic is my favorite, what a cutie pie!!
i see the carters turtle outfit, adorable!

SG to SP said...

He's sooo cute! I'm dying over his big blue eyes.

Married...with a Pup said...

Those pictures are adorable! And the post it hilarious, like always!

dave and jenn said...

He just gets cuter and cuter. Happy 8 months, Jamie!

Lyryn said...

ok... I love the blocks! So stinking cute! He is so adorable!!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW - I love all of the pictures and the commentary:) The Plum pouches have been a hit in my house too. Hope you guys are having a great week:)

Gwen said...

Awe!!! Big 8 Month Birthday hugs to Jamie!!!

Kristen said...

seriously, he is absolutely adorable! Can't believe he's 8 months old already!

Nikki said...

Harper thinks Jamie is very handsome and can't wait for their next date.

ModernMom said...

8 months already and so adroable! Love the pic with the shades:)

Domestic Goddess said...

bottle me up some of that adorableness!
jaime...it's ok that you're not crawling yet. I never crawled, I just rolled. good times! :)

Jordan said...

Precious! Love the shades kiddo!

LG said...

I saw your comment on Beach Bum blog and had to check out your little guy! My baby boy is almost 9 months and not crawling etc at all! He is pretty big though and I think that holds him back. Your son is sooo adorable. I am jealous of his beautiful hair!
Where did you get those blocks that show his age? I LOVE them!

Mrs. C said...

Happy 8 Month Bday!

Molly B said...

oh my gosh he is so handsome! I love him

Bethany said...

Aw, he's so cute! Happy 8 months :)

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