Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If you really knew him

If you really knew Mr. EyeCanSee you'd know.....

He has 6 tattoos, the most recent one being ones we got together for his 25th Birthday.
His favorite food is chicken wings.  Roosters chicken wings to be exact.
He has a serious sweet tooth and can down a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.
He's in denial that his hair is more brown than blond these days.
In high school he claims to have stayed thin by eating nothing but Snickers bars.
He has a crush on JLo and owns pretty much every {crappy} movie she's ever been in.
He choked up during our wedding vows and still calls me stone hearted because I didn't.
He saw Maroon 5 before they were big in some dive bar in Columbus.
He loves cheesy chic flicks and crappy chic TV.
He has a huge shoe addiction.
In grade school his nickname was Bubba.
He still refuses to join any form of social media.  Apparently Facebook is the devil.
He hates having his feet touched, but when we were first dating let me give him several foot rubs because he was too shy to tell me not to.
He can grow some pretty thick chops {his words, not mine}
He knows all the words to "It was a Good Day" by Ice Cube and has mastered the white boy rap.
He always smells good.  Always.  Not like I bathe in cologne good, just fresh.  I swear the man could run a marathon in triple digit heat and still not stink.  It's almost unnatural.
He said 'I love You' first.

If you really knew Mr. EyeCanSee, you'd know his Birthday was Friday.....but his wife forgot to post this.  Fail.
The BIG 3-0!
Finally we're in the same decade again!
Happy {belated} Birthday Hun!  Hope 30 brings nothing but great things!


Shannon said...

Cute post! Happy belated birthday to him. Kristian said I love you first also.

Erin Reissig said...

This is SO adorable! Yay for birthdays! (My hubs is behind me by 9 months, So I understand the same-ness issue. lol)

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Love it! Happy Belated to your man!

the workaholic momma said...

What a fun post...I love this!! Happy Birthday to your hubs...I'm in the 3-0 club as well:)

Jordan said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like our husbands have a few things in common. Hope you guys had a fun weekend. We missed you on Saturday! Hope to get together soon!