Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze
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I have really bad road rage.  One time someone cut me off and I actually followed them briefly until I realized I had gone bat shit crazy.  It's a wonder I haven't run someone off the road.

Despite my crazy road tendancies, and the amount of time I bitch about the traffic....I actually like my commute.  It's a mindless 30 minutes every morning and every afternoon where I can listen to whatever I want and no one is bugging me.  Sometimes 10 minutes will go by and I'll realize I don't even have the radio on.  Scilence really is golden.

Jamie comes home with an average of 3 art projects a week.  I used to try and save them all until I realized I'd need a small storage unit to keep them.  I now hang them on the fridge until a new one comes home and then retire the old the trash.  My husband says I'm heartless, but really, how many can I realistically save before needing to be on that show Hoarders?

I occasionally use an online Scrabble dictionary when playing Words with Friends.  I don't think of it as cheating, I think of it as using my resources.

Sometimes I still have to count on my fingers for simple math.  8+5 stumps me every single time.

If I didn't catch the current events/news segment on my morning radio talk show, chances are I don't know it happened.

If it weren't for spellcheck....I'd never spell definitely right.

If I'm already out of the office for work stuff, I will run my own errands.....on work time.

See that fancy blog button up there?  I spent an entire nap time working on it.  Further proof that I'm computer illiterate.

I had a love affair with a bag of candy corn pumpkins last weekend.

I still haven't sent out Jamie's Birthday Thank You's.  From August.  Coming from the self proclaimed TY note nazi herself....that's downright embarassing.

I'm not normally size obsessed, but last week I tried on a sweater from Target and refused to by it because I would have needed the 2X.  Call me vain, but I have NOT lost 71 pounds so I can buy a freaking 2X.  PASS!

Happy Friday Peeps!
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Cindy said...

I saw an idea once for storing kids' artwork. If you have one, scan all the artwork to your computer and save a digital copy :) Maybe even just save the "good" ones. If you're really sentimental (like me!) then you can keep ALL the artwork :)

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

I like my commute most days too, but more on the way home than to work :) I often leave the radio off assuming someone is not ringing up my phone. It's great quiet/decompress time.

And...I do math on my fingers too. Shit gets tricky :)

Have a good weekend!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You are so funny with the road rage - I get the same way sometimes... people can't drive!!

I understand with the art projects. You're so right - every one is special, but you'd need to invest in a bigger house if you want to keep them all. :)

You're so sweet with your comment about our travels, thank you. I actually just used a small digital camera - a Sony - that we've had for a while. It worked out okay for us!

Moe said...

I'm with you about that Target sweater. Good thing you left it's sorry mis-sized self behind. :)

I'm kind of with you on the artwork too. My mom saved SO much of my stuff...and now I'm the one that has to throw it out. Ha! Perhaps taking a picture of them or something??

Melissa said...

I plan on taking pictures of Landon's artwork once he brings home new stuff to replace it. I can't save everything, there's no room!

I count on my fingers all. the. time. :)

Stephanie said...

LOL I adore your confessions! Umm fellow road rager here. Also, my girls are 10 and 13 now, the art can take over you house!