Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two. The good. The bad. The {not so} Ugly.

What’s up Internet people?!  It’s been far too long, so I’m high jacking mom’s blog today!

I’ve been a pretty busy guy since I turned the terrible two in August.  Though honestly, two has proven to be not so terrible after all.  Sure I have my moments, but who doesn’t.  Even mommy puts herself in time out from time to time.  When I do act up, there not much a lecture and good old fashioned arm squeeze from mom can’t fix.  Man does she have the mean mom mug down.  Yikes!  And if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s making mommy sad, so I try and stay on my best behavior!  Most of the time I’m a pretty sweet, lovable little guy!  Everything is such a BIG deal to me, and I get so ‘cited!!’ {excited} over the smallest things!  It’s been so much fun!  Mom often says if she could wrap me up and keep me this age forever she would!  Except for maybe that stage 5 clinger “I WANT MY MOMMY” phase I’ve been in lately.  That part she said she could do without.  You’d think she’d find it endearing that I want her to “HOOOLLLLDDD MMMEEEEE” 24 hours a day, but apparently there’s something called “personal space” she keeps blabbering on about.  Whatever, I know one day she’s going to miss it. 

I’m pretty much talk nonstop these days and amaze people how well I speak.  My teachers at school talk about what a little smartie pants I am all the time.  There’s even talk of moving me to the preschool room in January with all the BIG kids!  I’ll be super sad to leave Ms. Mary behind, she’s my favorite next to mommy these days, but I’m pretty excited about moving up to Ms. Bev’s “House.”  Mom can’t even believe how fast times flying.  Wasn’t she just dropping me off in the infant room like yesterday??  One day she woke up and I turned into a little boy!  I know all my colors.  Shapes.  Letters.  Numbers.  The entire K-State Fight song.  You know, the basics.  Mom said if it was possible to find a bigger “K-S-U WILDCATS!!!” fan than my Uncle Matt, it would be me.  I LOVE going to the games.  Watching the band.  Looking for Willy the Wildcat and pointing out Coach Bill every chance I get.  Every.single.morning I request my “GO CATS!” shirt and my “GO CATS!” socks.  Some days mommy says it’s dirty and I have to wear something else, but I’m pretty sure she’s lying.  Especially when I can clearly see it hanging in the closet which I’m always so eager to point out.  Nothing gets past me mom.  When are you going to figure that out?? 

The potty has been all the rage at our house lately.  It’s pretty funny to watch two grown people get so excited over where I choose to do my business, but hey, if it earns me a sucker and a high five I’m game for just about anything!  At my 2 year old check up my doctor said there probably wouldn’t be much interest in that area until 2 ½ or 3.  Mom had come to terms with the fact that she’d be changing my diapers for at least another year.  Fools.  All of them.  One day I just decided diapers were for babies and that was the end of that.  She’s even brave enough to finally let me leave the house in big boy undies and just this week I started wearing them to school.  Even during nap time!  I still wear my “nighttime undies” {aka a diaper} to sleep, but about half the time I wake up dry so mom doesn’t think it will be too long before I’m nighttime trained too!  I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but mom didn’t really have much to do with any of it.  It was all me.  It’s not all roses and rainbows though.  I still poo in my Thomas undies pretty much everyday.  Not sure what it is about that #2…..I KNOW it’s supposed to go in the potty.  When you ask me I will tell you it goes in the potty.  But it’s way more fun to hide in a corner somewhere and then tell mommy about my fun surprise.  Funny thing is, she never finds it as funny as I do.  What can I say, it’s still a work in progress.  Mom just hopes I figure it out before college.  But enough about that.

Remember Barney?  My BFF?  Well he’s been replaced by Caillou.  Much to mom’s dismay, it’s pretty much all I will watch.  All day.  Everyday.  I’ve picked up a few of his phrases, started calling mom Ms Pirate and will ask you what he’s doing no short of 100923485 times a day.  I’m even asking Santa for a Rexy dinosaur just like Caillou’s.  Joke’s on mom though.  He doesn’t exist.  I chuckle a little every night as she scours the internet looking for one.  I'm pretty sure come Christmas morning there will be an imposter Rexy sitting under the tree, mom's just praying I don't notice.  I also LOVE my Caillou books and request they be read multiple times a day.  All six of them.  Over.  And Over.  And Over again.  They NEVER get old, no matter how many times I read them.  Funny thing is, they’ve gone missing lately.  I have sneaking suspicion mom had something to do with that……

What’s that mom?  There’s a Caillou Holiday special on Sprout???  90 minutes of pure heaven!  Well I better get going.  There’s chocolate milk to drink and goldfish crackers to eat! 
Until next time!


dave and jenn said...

I've seen Caillou listed on Sprout before and purposely avoided it because it sounds like it could get addictive. :) Good luck with Rexy, mom.

Jamie, you are such a smarty pants!

Molly said...

OMG, he's potty trained! Holy shit, we need to get on this. Brigham refuses to go. This is much harder than Landon was.

Nikki said...

Harper saw the pic and instantly said "Jamie, put some clothes on!" So cute. It's amazing how fast they grow and I agree I want to keep them this age forever.

Katie Clooney said...

What an adorable post!!! You are funny!!!!

Jax said...

ha! Stage 5 clinger..awesome. He's so cute and I love the way you write these posts.. So witty and sweet at the same time. :)