Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

And no. I'm not talking about Christmas.

It's College Football time!!!

The Buckeyes take on Marshall tonight....K-State plays UCLA on Saturday.
Does it get much better than that??

Since the time I was about 14 I've been a self proclaimed college football fanatic.
My family has had season tickets to Kansas State since 1996,
We've travelled to more bowl games, away games and Big 12 championships than I can count.
Seeing Willy the Wildcat brings a smile to my face.
I've cheered them on through good seasons and bad....the pouring rain and the scorching heat.
I've slowly turned my husband into a fan.
One of the first things we bought for Jamie....was a K-State onesie.
I love the Wildcats.

I went to THE Ohio State University.
I had coveted season tickets to the Horseshoe all four years I was there.
I travelled to Purdue.
I watched them beat Michigan....3 times.
I have a Block "O" tattooed on my ankle.
My Senior year, me and 3 of my best friends travelled to Tempe, AZ to watch our Buckeyes win the National Championship.
I actually cried when they won.
That's when I knew I was officially a football nut.

So while I'm sad to see summer coming to end, I'm like a kid in a candy store knowing that it's football time again!!

Here's to hoping both my teams have a great season!


Mrs. Dew said...

O-H! Kendall has her gear on today too!

Molly said...

Awww, he is too cute in that outfit. Wait until he says football for the first time. I think my husband almost cried when that happened ;)

Jules said...

I love Jamie in his Ohio State gear! He is going to be a big fan someday just like his mommy ;) You got a tattoo. That is dedication to a team.

Our Happy Married Life... said...

how fun! we just got tickets with my parents to go to the Illinois/Ohio State game in Champagin. can't wait.

erin.patrice said...

Buckeye Fever!!!!!!!!! yeah! I love you little man's swag!!!

Brittany said...

SOOOO excited for tonights game!!! Love Jamie's outfit! He's know what colors to sport!

Domestic Goddess said...

that little man is so cute! he needs a texas aggie onesie! :) haha!

Jen said...

I totally share your sentiments about summer ending and football season starting! The only difference is I'm a NFL fan, not so much college. I went to a university that cut it's football program a few years before I arrived on campus, so I never got into a college football team.

Kelly said...

I am a huge college football fan too. Other I'm loyal to the SEC. Go Gamecocks! I graduated from Appalachian State and we beat Michigan too. LOL! I'm sure ya'll were just as excited about that as we were.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

See, I went to Marshall for 4 years and never missed a game! I'm pretty sad about tonight's game though!

bananas. said...

it is the most wonderful time...especially when football is around.

ps. jamie looks so cute!

Gwen said...

He is so cute in his little outfit!!! XOXO

Joel and Cindy said...

Where did you find college football stuff that small?! We can't find anything smaller than 6 months!

Jordan said...

What a cutie pie! I wanna see the K-State onesie! Go Cats!

Monogramchick said...

Wooohooo I am so glad it is football season. After spending 2 years in Big10 country. I must say I am glad to be back in SEC country (please dont hold it against me, I just couldnt take the winters) :)

Monogramchick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bethany said...


Oh man, I think I've been around Buckeye Madness a bit too long...really though, I love football season. It gives me lots of babysitting jobs! ;)

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