Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday (and a Jamie update)

Thank you everyone for your comments, tweets, FB messages, emails, texts and phone calls!
Way to make a girl feel loved!
Poor Mr James is hanging in there.  His face rivals that of any heavyweight boxer right now (there are pictures, but I can't bring myself to share them with the interwebs), but he still seems to be his same ole, happy self!  Stitches should come out on Sunday.
As for the dogs.  Well that's still up in the air.
In the end I know we'll make the right choice for our family.

Now, because this blog needs some serious funny......I bring you


I've been toying with this idea for months now.  Seriously.  Months.  Because I had a pretty awesome life pre-blogging days that none of you know anything about.  And how fun would it be to dig into the photo archives of the past and share with you stories of me before I became Mrs. EyeCanSee? So today when I saw one of my favorite bloggers (seriously, her blog was the FIRST I ever followed) The Heir To Blair do one, I figured it was time to get off my lazy butt and join in the fun!  Since I'm at work, my access to photos is limited to those on Kodak Gallery.  So I went and found the oldest one I could.

August 2005
Every summer my friends and I would go camping to an area just south of Columbus called Hocking Hills.  And by camping I mean cabins, indoor plumbing, hot tubs and general 20-something debauchery filled with lots of beer.....and smores.  Well on one of these infamous trips we were also celebrating the soon to be weddings of two different couples.  The guys decided they wanted to have a contest to see which Best Man was "The Best Best Man" and proceeded to craft Jousting Sticks circa 1980s Gladiator.  After they had their fun, my bestie (and bride to be), Nikki and I decided to take a stab at it ourselves.  Bride vs MOH.  I joked and said the winner got the longer train.  If memory serves me correct, I reigned victorious 3 out of all 3 matches, but I still let her have the longer train.  She was the bride after all.

Happy Friday!


Ashley said...

Haha! At least in your drunken debauchery, you remembered to wear helmets! Glad Jamie is doing well!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Sounds like a blast!!! Love this idea. Glad Jamie is doing alright.

Nikki said...

I love this picture. Oh the memories.

Stephanie said...

Too funny!! Love this idea!! Glad Jamie is still his happy self :)

dave and jenn said...

I love Flashback Fridays! What a cute idea. I may have to try that too. :)

Molly said...

Yeah, um, delete that comment above me, pronto. lol.

Anyway - I'm late to the last post but wanted to say I'm so sorry for what happened to Jaime. I really don't think it's your fault. It was a split second and sometimes we just forget how territorial dogs can be with their food/water.

Believe it or not, my tiny little pug got really aggressive and territorial when we brought our first home. When he was cruising the sofa one day, Roxie bit him on the face.

We tried to bring a pet trainer in but she just wasn't changing her behavior. She lives with my parents now and it breaks my heart that we had to say goodbye. But I still get to see her and there is the hope that she will get to come back one day.

I hope Jamie's face heals up quickly!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! I love the story and the photo! Glad he's ok!

bananas. said...

cabins, indoor plumbing, hot tubs and debauchery...oh kind of camping too! through in those jousting sticks and consider me in like flynn!

looks like a blast!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So glad he is doing better!!

Llama said...

HAHA! YESSSSS! I totally love this!!!:)

Lindsey said...

Fun! I love Flashback Friday!!:)

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