Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A little Blog Housekeeping

A long time ago in a far away place.....a wise woman schooled me on how to attach my email address to my blog so people could reply to my comments.  Thanks to her I've been living a happier, more fulfilled life ever since.
Ok.  Maybe it hasn't been that life changing....but it did make it easier for people to answer all my burning questions.  So now I feel it is my blogger duty to pass this knowledge on to all of you.  Why?  Because I get people asking me questions all the time, and when I go to reply I get the dreaded "noreply@blogger" email address....it makes me sad.
I love my readers.  I love that you actually read the random thoughts I call writing my blog.  I love that you ask questions.
I don't love that I can't always answer them and feel like I leave you hanging.
Sometimes I even go as far as to go back to your blog to try and answer it there...only to discover you didn't link your own blog in your profile or worse, due to blogger malfunctions I can't even comment on your blog.  
  (More on that to come)
So pretty pretty please with a cherry on top follow these few steps so we can all live together in blog harmony:

1. Go to your blogs Dashboard
2. Click on "Edit Profile" on the upper left hand corner
3. Under the Privacy section check the box that says "Show my email address"
4.  Scroll down to the Identity section....enter in your email address.  (It can be any email, not necessarily the one you use to sign in to blogger)
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Profile"
6.  Sleep soundly at night knowing I can now respond to your comments and flood your inbox with even more nonsense. YAY!  :)

Now on to my next favor.
I know, I know, I'm all sorts of needy today.
I love reading all of your blogs.  I love commenting on them.
I don't love that Blogger has gone all ape shit and won't let me.
Have you missed me?  Have you noticed my lack of blog love?  I haven't forgotten about you.  I'm still reading.  I'm still trying to comment.
But after trying to log in 194843023 times and getting an error, I eventually just give up.
Apparently there's a malfunction out there where if your comments are set up a certain way it's giving people error messages.  So if you love reading my funnies on your blog, make sure to do this:

1.  Go to your blogs Dashboard
2.  Click on "Settings" (Top center next to the new post and edit post links)
3. Click on "Comments" (Along the top after Basic, Publishing & Formatting)
4. Under Comment Forms Placement choose either if the top 2 options (Full Page or Pop up).  Do NOT choose Embedded Below Post.
5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click "Save Settings"
6.  Smile knowing I can post comments on your blog again!  YAY!  :)

All righty.  Are you still there?  Have I bored you to tears yet?  Kuddos to you if you're still reading, cause I have one more teensy little favor to ask.
I want to change up the ole blog.
It's starting to look a bit cluttered, the pictures are spilling out over the margins and driving me all sorts of crazy.
I need a face lift.
But I'm technically challenged. 
So I need some help.
Do you design blogs?  Do you know someone who designs blogs?
Please send their name my way!!

I guess that about covers it.  I will now return to our regularly scheduled programming
Happy Tuesday Friends!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Pssstttttt---I thought I was gonna help you spruce up the ole blog? If not, thats okay too. But I'm still here and totally willing!

Emily said...

I hope others are reading this post and fix their comments! ha It's been driving me crazy, so many good blogs I haven't been able to comment on lately.. it makes me sad :( ha.

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I am so with you on the email responses! I love being able to respond that way, it makes it so much easier. You've been able to comment on mine, so I think I have the pop up version of commenting which works. Thanks for reminding everyone :)

Jules said...

Amen, sister! This is a post I wish everyone could read. The comments thing is driving my absolutely nuts. I have to use my hubby's laptop because that's the only way to comment on the blogs with the comments at the bottom. The email thing is another good one.

Do you know what else has been driving me nuts lately? Word verification. It never bothered me until I turned it off on my blog. Funny how that happens. Seriously though, I get less spam with it off than I did with it on.

Ashley said...

I went with Katie @ Loves of Life for mine. She is good. Amen to all the tips. And not to forget word verification. Those things are the pits.

KatiePerk said...

I changed my comments from embedded. They haven't always been that way?! What is going on with blogger... Thanks for the tip.

Ashley said...

I REALLLLLLY need to change the comments on mine. They are embedded and I know that I can't comment on others' blogs when they have them embedded so I should fix it on mine. I'm lazy. But, now that I have this handy how to, I will fix it!

Laura said...

A really awesome commenter helped me out with the comment thing yesterday so I will share!

You have to log out of blogger, go to internet tools, delete all cookies (should just be one place to check), save, close out window, reopen to blogger, hit F5, then log back it.

It works...sounds complicated but isn't! Yay!

Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

Thanks for the info! I hope other people do this too so we can start commenting on people's blogs!!!


Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

I just tweeted your post in hopes that more people will do this!

Nikki said...

I just made both those changes so I expect lots of comments and answers to my questions...like what does Jamie want for his first birthday?

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

My blog totally needs a little facelift! Ok, this is random but as I was typing in "facelift" I typed in "face..." and then finished if off with "...book". haha - wow, am I a little bit addicted or what!?

Llama said...

HAHA! I love all of this...if everyone gets on board, it will make things so much easier...that way we can show out bloggy love!
I had my blog makeover done by Krystyn over at http://www.krizzydesigns.com/
she was amazing!

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