Friday, June 17, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Remember that one time?  When we went to Vegas?
I know, it's been so long I almost forgot too!
Well I finally managed to scrounge up a few pictures to share with you!
Bare with me, there aren't many!  I may go down in history as the worst vacation picture taker ever!
Hopefully that improves as we start taking family trips.

Anyhoo.....onto Vegas!

After a long day at work.  Running home.  Packing.  Sending the baby off with Grandpa and battling rush hour traffic we made it to the airport with plenty of time to start the weekend off right.
With Beer!  (And the cheapest beer we bought all week I might add.)
I have my lucky horseshoe necklace on a la Carrie Bradshaw...ya know, for all that gambling I'm going to do. (yeah right)
We got in pretty late so I didn't take anymore pictures.  Shoot me.  We did however stay up and explore the city until almost 3am!  Not bad for people who usually hit the hay by 11!
Here's where we stayed
The New York New York

Now this was our first trip to Sin City so I don't have much to compare to....but we liked our hotel.  Location seemed good.  Not in the heart of the strip, but not out of the way either.  It had a lot of bars/restaurants/things to do but it wasn't HUGE and overwhelming like several of the others we walked through.  There wasn't much in the way of shopping (which I didn't care about) and the pool was on the smaller end (but we never had problems finding a chair), but overall we enjoyed it and would definitely stay there again!

The first day we walked around all the hotels/casinos on our end of the strip.  Excalibur where we lunched at Dick's Last Resort.  Ever been to one?  Their whole "thing" is being rude and you get to be rude back.  I thought it was hilarious and played along.  The hubs, though not offended, didn't really get it.  I think he was embarrassed at my obnoxious shouting at the waiter...haha.  I don't have a picture of it (shocker I know) but they make hats for you to wear.  Mine said "He only thinks I've always been a woman"  His said "She only thinks I'm straight"
After lunch we went over to Mandalay Bay and saw Shark Reef.  I actually did take pictures of that, but none of them turned out very good.  Camera fail.  But there were lots of sharks.  It was pretty sweet.
On our way out we stopped by the tattoo place where I chickened out. (the first time)
Instead we bought two of those frozen drinks you see everyone with.
$40 later we decided those would be our first and our last.  It was mighty tasty though and they did NOT skimp on the tequila!  Worth.every.penny.
Next stop MGM Grand.
More like OMG Grand.  This place was freakin' huge!  They have lions inside.  Seriously.  Lions.  We had a fabulous dinner at Diego.  Best tacos ever. (after embarrassing myself on where the monorail station was....ummmm right behind you)

We played some penny slots.  I won six bucks.  I walked away happy.

We saw the biggest wine cellar ever.....

We caught some rays.  I chatted it up with a pregnant lady who proceeded to tell me her entire life story including ALL about her IVF due to her husbands dud sperm.  True story.  That happened.

The view from my chair.  Bar to the left.  Roller coaster to the right.
And yes, we rode the coaster.  It was a blast!

 {One night we cruised down to the opposite side of the strip.  Strolled along the streets of the Venetian.  Gawked at all the gondola riders.  I still can't believe this was inside! }
 {Hit up the Eiffel Tower}
{And of course watched the Bellagio Fountains.  They were awesome!}

Our last night there we toyed with the idea of heading down to Fremont Street, seeing a show or just bumming around.  We went with the latter and had a great night!  We'd walk a little, stop and eat.  Check out some shops.  Walk a little more, grab a drink and people watch.  Stopped in another tattoo parlor where I chickened out.  (Again)  We ended up at this local brewery where we befriended the bartender and got the insider scoop of all things Vegas.  Even became BFFs with a promoter for one of the hottest clubs.  Or so he says.  It was such a good time!
{Finally got to sport the dress and shoes I talked about for so long.  Oh and my hair LOVED the Vegas weather!  Hooray for no humidity!}

So there's our Vegas trip in a nutshell.  We had a blast and would love to go back.  I'm proud to say I remember all of it.  Did not marry a hooker, steal a tiger or end up on the roof of Cesar's Palace!  I'll leave those shenanigans for Hollywood!


Ashley said...

So fun! I kinda want to go to Vegas now. I'm not much of a gambler, probably would do the same things you guys did! That gondola thing is INside a building?! No way, I couldn't even tell! Love love the dress, so pretty! And, I would kill for your skin, it looks flawless!

Ashley said...

I'm with Ashley.. you have amazing skin! What I'd give for that! Love the pictures. I've been against going to Vegas because the Mr. and I don't really drink or play slots or cards or anything. So I thought i might get bored. But your pictures are making me think he's right.. it's worth going just for everything you get to see. I've been to Paris so the Eiffel won't compare but the gondola ride would knock my socks off.

bananas. said...

thank you so much for posting your vegas pics. i needed my vegas fix for the day.

i'm loving your hair, your dress, your necklace in that pic. you look smashing!

Nikki said...

great pics! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Katie said...

I love all your pictures! We ate at Dick's & had such a good time! That is actually where I took my first jello shot!

Your pictures made me so excited to go next month - I can't wait!!

Melissa said...

This post makes me want to go back to Vegas! We went a little over a year ago and stayed at the MGM Grand, which like you said, is HUGE! I loved New York New York and we spent a lot of time there :)

dave and jenn said...

For not taking many pictures, you still had some really good ones! I'm glad it was a blast. I don't know if we'll ever go back after our Honeymoon, but I'm sure it changes all the time and would still be fun. I've always liked the NYNY hotel and would love to stay there!

Gwen said...

So much fun!!!! I've always wanted to go to Vegas but for now I get to live through your photos. :)

That wine cellar....FABULOUS! And you look awesome in that dress!!! I love it!!!

So glad you had a great birthday celebration!!!

Molly B said...

Got to love vegas- so much fun! Great pictures- I bet Jamie was happy to see his momma!

the workaholic momma said...

Looks like ya'll had an A-mazing trip!!! I stayed at NY NY when I went and LOVED it too!!! Sounds like just the break you needed - glad you guys had such a great trip and didn't bring Jamie back a pet lion;)

ModernMom said...

Oh you look like you had an amazing time! I went to Vegas so many years ago and now I want to go back!!
PS Love you in that sassy red dress:)

Jordan said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great trip! You look wonderful and so happy and relaxed! You're rockin' that red dress too! Looks like a blast! So glad you guys got to go!

Kristin said...

Glad y'all had a great trip! Love the dress! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was such a great time in Vegas!!! That wine casing is SO amazing!

Jax said...

How fuN! That sounds like the perfect trip to Vegas! I've only been a few times... some for work conferences, once for fun, and I think you guys had the perfect balance of sin city activities! It's so easy to get stuck doing all shows, or all exploring or all lounging or all shopping.. yeah, you get the gist. Anyway, good trip it sounds like! And um...that stranger with the sperm story=whoa. I would have ordered a few more drinks while she was telling me that one... ha!

Kristen said...

love the pics, you look great! Looks like a great time, I can't wait to go to Vegas some day!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Woohoo - love it! You look fabulous!

d.a.r. said...

I love love love that dress!!! So glad you guys got to go on this trip. What a fun time!

Amy said...

Sounds like so much fun!! I'm visiting from ChicnPink's blog. We're heading to Vegas this fall & still trying to decide where to many choices! :)

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