Thursday, May 10, 2012

Choose your own adventure

Do you ever wish you could request a do-over?
Go back in time to the moment things started going wrong?
Kind of like a Choose your own Adventure book.
I don't like the way this turned out.....
So let's go back to Chapter 5 and choose a different route.
Pray for a better ending.
If only it were that easy.
Life lately has been a little crazy, filled with lots of uncertainty.
Things I can't really share. 
Not right now at least.
But one thing is for sure.
Lot's of big changes are headed our way whether we like it or not and sometimes I feel like we're standing at a fork in the road.
Part of me says we need to just roll with the punches, take life as it comes and just continue along on the same path.
The other part of me craves something new. 
Something different. 
A fresh start.
A new adventure.
I told the hubs the other day that we've exhausted the KC mojo....if it could go wrong, it did.
So let's move to the beach.
The Carolina's perhaps.
Or maybe Colorado.
Who doesn't love the mountains.
I always said I wanted to learn how to snow board.
If only it were that easy.
Or I was that brave.
I couldn't even throw caution to wind and uproot my life fresh out of college, so the chances of doing it now with my little family in tow?
Pretty slim.
I'm a creature of habit. 
When things go awry I seek comfort in the familiar.
So while I don't see us packing up and moving across the country, I could really use a breath of fresh air.



i'm jess said...

{HUGS} Life can be pretty crazy sometimes, I really hope you get some calm soon!

Lindsey said...

Who needs mountains when you get to view a giant cross everyday?!? I much as we talk about moving somewhere like Colorado, it will never happen. Hang in there.

Jax said...

Sorry to hear things are kinda down right now. I love the choose your own adventure idea. I haev a friend that lives very much like that and I'm always so envious, but much too a-type for any of that.

Kristen said...

many times I wish I could go back in town.... I'd love to move to a different environment, I wish I would have travelled after school. But then, my life wouldn't be the same now, husband and kids..... Good luck to you

dave and jenn said...

I wish we had the nerve to move across country too... I would also head closer to the beach and fresh seafood!

Here's hoping the ole mojo returns!

Stephanie said...

I'd say come to Louisville but we won't be here forever! If we could get jobs, we'd be living in OBX in a heartbeat, but in reality we'll be heading back to Richmond, VA so we can have babysitters and the support of our families, while letting Carter grow up with his cousins! I know the funk stinks, right now we're in a 'we're stuck here until Rick passes his state licensing test in October' phase. Blah.