Monday, May 21, 2012

The skeletons in my closet

Ever wanted to know 25 of the most random facts about me??  Well you're in luck cause I've seen this floating around the blogosphere and thought it would be fun!  Surprisingly I came up with 25 things I don't think you all know....which was pretty hard considering I've been airing out my dirty laundry on the interwebs for over 3 years.

21 one days before my 21st Birthday I broke my foot trying to sneak out of my sorority house.  I think I was the only sober person in the ER night.

21 days later, while studying for my final exams, my best friend forced me to hobble down to the bar, walking shoe and all, at midnight to have my first official {legal} drink.  I then proceeded to walk back to my sorority house and ring the doorbell 21 times.  It's a tradition I like to think still exists.  {probably not}

I've only smoked 1 cigarette my entire life.  It was disgusting.  I get that they are addicting, what I don't get is how you can actually smoke enough to get to that point.  One was MORE than enough for me.

I went to an all girls high school.  There were only 64 people in my graduating class.  Six of us were named Emily.

I took 4 years of french in high school.  Our school song was even in French.  I went to France for 6 weeks and lived with a host family.  Today, I couldn't carry on a conversation in french if my life depended on it.

The first concert I ever went to was Dave Matthews.

I hated New Kids on the Block.

When I was in middle school I found one of my brother's nudey magazines in the basement.  I took it to school and my friends and I all sat on the playground and giggled over the naked ladies.

I had a cell phone and a pager when I was in high school.  I only got the pager because my best friend had one.

I worked at Old Navy for 7 years.  Sometimes I actually miss it.  Mainly for the discount.

I still remember the names of all my childhood dolls and stuffed animals.

With the exception of the 4 years I was in college I have worn a uniform either for school or work my entire life.  I don't think I could dress myself on daily basis otherwise.

I'm a dental hygienist who doesn't floss.

In college, after one too many adult beverages, I proceeded to carry an orange cone I found in the street all the way across campus and back to my dorm.

The last time I weighed what's on my driver's license I was 17.

When I was 17 I backed out of the garage and tore the side mirror off my car.  I tried to to tell my parents it was a hit and run at work.  They didn't buy it.  The black marks on the side of the garage probably gave me away.  That and my mom heard the entire thing happen.

Nearly 2 years of being a mom and I have never purchased a single disposable diaper.  Yay cloth!

I've also never eaten funnel cake or seen the movie It's a Wonderful Life.  This always seems to shock people.

I use my left hand to put on eye makeup even though I'm right handed.

My freshman year of college I grew 1 inch and 1 shoe size.

I used to be claustrophobic and as a kid was afraid of getting trapped in elevators and public restroom stalls.

Early in my pregnancy the outer part of my right thigh went numb.  Not completely, more like that annoying pins and needles foot asleep feeling.  We assumed it was the baby pressing on a nerve and once he was born it would go away.  21 months later...still numb.  At this point I'm pretty sure it's for good.

I have this cheesy pair of sleep shorts I bought in high school with little cartoon crabs all over them.  Every time I wear them I announce, "Hey hun look!  I've got crabs!"  And then laugh for like 10 minutes straight at the stupidity of it.

I hate being wet.  Like that just out of the pool, wet hair, wet suit, waiting to dry off feeling.  Ugh.  Hate it.  And don't even get me started on being in wet clothes or shoes.  Those water rides at amusement parks are my worst nightmare.

I hate thong underwear.  I only wear them when absolutely necessary.

So did you learn something new?  Now it's your turn!!
I want to know ONE random fact about you.
Annnnnd GO!



Erin Reissig said...

The only time I get motion sickness is in elevators when the door opens before it's leveled with the floor. I'm talking room spinning, gut churning, gotta get out and take a few seconds to re-orient myself motion sick. As long as the elevator works correctly, I'm completely fine.

Gina said...

Bahahaha, the car accident thing is hilarious. All of the damage I've ever done to cars is in reverse. And I've lied about it to my mom too.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I am so happy that you don't floss. I don't know why-it just makes me feel better that I don't either. HAHAHAH.

Married...with a Pup said...

Whaaa you don't floss?!? Lol that makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better!!

Moe said...

I love shoes. But hate to wear them. Weird right. You will find me barefoot in our office about 80 percent of the time. Luckily where I work that's totally acceptable. :)

dave and jenn said...

I once bottomed out my car in a ditch by the high school (when I was 16) and told my parents I hit an armadillo. Then they found the chunk of asphalt lodged underneath my car.... :\

Melissa said...

We have a few things in common! I don't floss, I hate thongs, I hate being in wet clothes/shoes, and I've never seen "It's A Wonderful Life" even though I own it lol

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Hitting the garage cracks me up. I did the same thing. Knocked the side mirror right off, backing into the garage when I was 15 1/2, still in the permit period. I thought I was so cool backing up and all.

And I don't floss either. BAD.

Kristin said...

My first time to comment!
I too have that numbness on the outer part of my thigh, mine is just on the left side. It's that same weird irratating numbness and I only notice it if someone hits it and then it makes me cringe because it hurts! WEIRD. But so glad to know I'm not the only one this has happened too and not went away!

MissBrightside said...

I really think you are missing out on the funnel cake. They are REALLY good, but only if they are fresh.
My weird fact is that I have a fear of crumpled paper. For example, at a restaurant when people ball up the straw paper, I get nauseated and freaked out.