Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's been exactly a week since we were hit with Snowmageddon part one.
Yes.  Part One.
Because approximately four days after mother nature dumped 10 inches of the white stuff on us, she decided to come back with a vengeance....and 10 more inches.
So in less than a week, we've been "blessed" with almost 2 feet of snow.
Yay. {sarcasm font}
I won't lie.  The first round had me giddy as a kid on Christmas.
I was up before anyone else in the house, glued to the tv, watching as the weatherman practically peed his pants in excitement over the storm that was coming.
We hadn't really had any snow in 2 years, so the thought of getting to hunker down inside with a hot cup of coffee and a roaring fire sounded pretty darn awesome.  I may be 31, but I still love a good snow day!
So when the snow started to fall, we settled in for the day.
And then it fell.  And fell.  And fell.
This is what happened in just an hour.
By noon it finally started to lighten up so we all bundled up and headed outside.
Jamie helped daddy "mow" the snow.
Tried to ride his car.
And his bike.
Lasting approximately 10 minutes outside before begging to go back in.
I'm pretty sure it took us longer to get him ready than he actually stayed out.
My dad said that sounded like someone else he knew as a kid.
{hint hint.  Me}
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Karma.  She's a real bitch.
We did manage to coerce him back out later.
He wanted nothing to do with the sled.
He refused to climb the snow mountain with daddy.
All he wanted to do was mow.  Whatever makes you happy kid!
So a whole 10 minutes later, we took off all our boots and called it a day.
By Friday the magic of a snow day had worn off and we were all starting to feel major cabin fever.
By Saturday I was borderline insane.
So I loaded up the kid and went off to the mall.
A 100 escalator rides later and a visit to the Barnes and Noble train table and I was starting to feel a little human again.
Just in time for the news that part two was on it's way.
I really wanted to give mother nature the finger at this point.
But figured a thumbs down was slightly more blog appropriate.
I snapped a quick before picture of our driveway and prayed the weatherman was wrong.
This is what we woke up too.
A tree limb graveyard.
The heavy wet snow was just too much for our poor tree to handle.
I'm pretty sure a chainsaw isn't supposed to be more valuable than a snow shovel during a SNOW storm.
By now it's safe to say I'm over the snow.
Unfortunately, with a pile that high??  I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing grass until June!
If anyone sees the groundhog, let me know.
I have a few choice words I'd like to tell him.
Because this is NOT my definition of an early spring
Hmph.  Early spring my ass!



Stephanie said...

Haha, I had to laugh at this post. I like you was pretty stoked about the first snow, but I could have done without the second one. Hope you didn't have any damage from the tree limbs that fell! I wish we had a snow blower too. We cleared our driveway the first time, but not the second. And of course now it's mainly ice. Great!!

Amanda Z said...

Major cabin fever here too! 6 long days being stuck inside with a two year old is not my idea of fun.
And you completely echoed my sentiments towards the groundhog, too. Little bastard.

Jennifer said...

My stepdaughters live with their momma in OK and got this too. They are currently still snowed in as far as I know.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You guys have got so much snow!!