Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze
<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Juice is Worth the Squeeze" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="The Juice is Worth the Squeeze" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

I feel like everyone and their brother in the social media world thinks Chobani greek yogurt is the shit.  Well folks, I've tried them all and I'm convinced you people have never had GOOD greek yogurt.  They all taste like stinky feet.  Even the supposed kid friendly one with CHOCOLATE in it was gross.  How can you mess up chocolate???  I'll stick with my Oikos from now on thank you very much.

Jamie got a train set for Christmas, but we don't really have anywhere good to keep it setup full time so usually on the weekends we bust it out.  I've become extremely OCD that it be setup exactly the way it's shown on the box.  If even a tree or house is out of place, my inner two year old comes out.

Last week I washed our sheets.  Around 11 when we went to bed, I realized no one had ever put clean ones back on.  It was late.  We were lazy.  So we slept in the guest room.

The only person I will kiss on the lips is my husband.  That's it.  No one else.  Including my own child.  I just think it's weird.

My husband rarely goes out.  Like probably never.  So once in a blue moon if he wants to do something sans his wife and child I should be totally cool with that right?  Well the other day when he told me he was going to be home late because he was grabbing drinks with a friend I was legit mad that I'd now be stuck doing dinner and bedtime routine alone after a shitty day at work.  I'm ashamed my husband couldn't even enjoy one night out without getting a huge guilt trip from his moody wife.

Jamie loves to help feed the dog, it's become his daily "chore."  Well recently he's become more interested in taste testing the food himself.  One morning after listening to him whine about it for the millionth time I told him fine, eat the dog food.  Sure enough he did.  And I don't care.  It was one piece.

I recently started Jillian's infamous 30 day shred.  The only weights I could find were 2 pound ones which I figured wouldn't be a challenge at all.  I mean come on.  TWO pounds??  Jokes on me.  My out of shape ass is still getting her butt handed to her everyday.   2 pound weights and all.

Despite the fact that we have like 30 feet of snow on the ground with NO sign of spring, Jamie's summer wardrobe is pretty much complete.  I like to call it wishful thinking.  In reality?  It will probably be August before we see grass and he even needs those shorts.

Confessions.  They're good for the soul.
What do you need to get off your chest this week??


Samantha said...

Amen on Oikos yogurt! TEN times better than Chobani!

If I forgot the sheets, we would have just thrown a blanket down and slept on the bed that way.

I've thought about doing the Shred for some cross training. I have five pound weights. Good to know I need to pick up some two pound weights.

I openly gripe about the snow when I'm outside, even if no one is there to here me grumble.

Shannon said...

I don't like greek yogurt in general unless it's used in a recipe.

I kiss Hunter on the lips and he gives kisses back but we're trying to teach him to do it with his mouth closed. haha.

Lucky in Love said...

So funny about the yogurt! My girlfriends at the gym have been trying to get me to try Greek yogurt...and I thought it was SO disgusting! I even bought another one just to make sure!?! It's still in my fridge because I'm afraid to eat it.

Melissa said...

The dog food thing isn't a big deal to me. I think if you don't act like it's forbidden, he won't care about it as much. Like you said, it was 1 piece. It's not like he's chowing down on it for a meal lol.

30 Day Shred is HARD! I've never been able to stick with it for more than a few weeks.

Landon's spring and summer wardrobe is complete too and we still have a bit of snow from the epic blizzard a few weeks ago. I'm so ready for warmer weather! Remind me of this in July when I whine about how hot and humid it is :)

Stephanie said...

So I had to comment on the OCD toy thing. I'm that way EVERYDAY with Carter's toys. I go nuts if I can't find a piece of a toy and I'm already stressing that while grandma and grandpa watch him while we're in hospital having #2 toys will go missing and I'll come home with #2 and see the toys not put away they way they should be. And yes I'm dead serious. Hello OCD SAHM!

Lindsey said...

The Shred is hard, don't be so hard on yourself! Garth, the marathon runner, could barely handle The Shred! And I struggle with the five pound weights.

Hilary said...

My family used to kiss on the lips all the time. I'm talking like mom & daughter, dad & daughter.. and I'm the only one that thought that was weird!! I finally put a stop to it by the time I was 16 or so. That's just weird when you're grown up!

I do the same thing with Josh, and we don't even have kids. :-X

Hilary said...

That last comment was about the going out/moody/guilt trip thing. Should've mentioned that. Oops.

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