Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze
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I'm not working today, but sent Jamie to school anyways.  He's transitioning into Preschool this week so we had to pay for all five days.  Might as well use them!  I think I'm going to get Starbucks.  And a pedicure.  And aimlessly roam the aisles of Target for hours.  I.cannot.wait!  MOMS DAY OFF!

I get really geeky excited when I come across an adult man who goes by Jamie.  Sure Jamie is really James....and people just assume when he gets older, he'll go by that.  But I secretly hope he stays Jamie forever.  He probably always will to me.

Speaking of names.  I keep a running list of potential baby names on my phone.  You know, for that future baby I'm not even pregnant with.  At the moment, they're all boy names.  As hard of a time as we had agreeing the first time around, I figure if we start now we *might* have it narrowed down by the time there's an actual human involved.

Last week when the new Twilight movie was released, we totally watched it.  I don't even like Twilight but I had to see how it ended.  Kind of like a train wreck, I just HAD to look.

If I sub at an office that has nice toothbrushes, or some toothpaste I haven't tried yet.  I always take some.  Pretty sure I haven't actually paid for a toothbrush since college.

I still have a snowman plate sitting out in the kitchen.  Along with St. Patty's Day AND Easter decor.  My house is horribly confused as to what holiday we're supposed to be celebrating.  Quite frankly, so am I.

I found Jamie snacking on dog food.  Again.  And before I stopped him, I took a picture.  Priorities people.  I needed photographic evidence of this for future blackmail.

I got some of those Tide laundry detergent pod things and they're awesome.  I seriously sniff my clothes every time I get dressed now.  You know you're officially old when a new detergent excites you.

I bought fruit snacks for Jamie to share at school for Valentine's Day.  NEVER AGAIN!  I don't care if he thinks I'm a mean mom.  Since then all he does is whine and cry for fruit snacks.  They're like glorified gummy bears and he bounces off the walls like a kid on crack after he eats them.  Hell no.

I feel like everyone is busting a nut over Mumford and Sons.  Their music is ok.  I don't hate it.  But I don't get the obsession.

When I was getting married, those sexy Boudoir Pictures were all the rage.  I thought they were stupid.  Probably because I didn't feel sexy enough to ever do them.  Well folks, I'm eating my words now.  A Groupon came up in my inbox and it was an offer I couldn't refuse.  So when I finish the 30 Day Shred and reach my goal I'm taking it all off.  But I'm not doing it for my husband.  I'm doing them for me.  If he's lucky, I'll let him sneak a peak.

All right folks.
Off to enjoy my CHILD FREE 80 degree day off!
Happy Friday!


Shannon said...

I've been so tempted to do a boudoir shoot though I would definitely need to do some toning first. I mentioned it to Kristian and he said he wouldn't want a photobook like that (I think it bothers him the thought of me posing sexy for someone, even another girl) but I kinda want one for me.

Censie said...

LOL I love that you are doing the pictures for you! Good for you!! Work it lady!

Amanda Z said...

We have a major fruit snack obsession in our house, too. I have to limit Emmeline to 2 packs a day. It's bad.

Have fun at your boudoir shoot! I can't wait to hear about your experience. I think those sound amazing and I would love to get one done in the future.

Val said...

I keep a running list of names too (and now I'm finally gonna need it). I have almost all girl names and REALLY struggle for boy names! Maybe we need to swap!

Katie said...

Whhooooo girl! That is amazing that you are going to do the boudoir photos!

Ok question about the tide pods, how does it know the size of your current load? You know, bc you less liquid if your load is smaller and more for larger, etc. I just feel like with the pods I'm wasting it for small loads or maybe it won't be enough for a really big load.

Melissa said...

Enjoy your time to yourself today! Sounds like heaven!

We have another boy name all ready to go. I keep a running list of girl names, and hubs has vetoed them all so far. I'm not pregnant either :P

I never did the boudouir pics because I knew I'd feel uncomfy and look awkward on camera. I think if it's something you want to do, go for it, especially since they're for you and not your husband! That's the best reason to do something like that :)

Nikki said...

80 degrees...I'm jealous. Send that weather our way!