Thursday, October 13, 2011

From the desk of James David EyeCanSee

Well folks, I'm back!
And I've officially turned 14 months.
(No, you didn't miss my 13 month shorted me a month.  Hmph)
Anyways.  It's been pretty busy round here since my birthday.
I'm officially a full time walker.  No more crawling for this guy, that's baby stuff!  Took me about a month to figure out that whole standing up business, but by September I was off and running.  Literally.  Running.  Mama says if I slowed down, maybe I wouldn't fall so much, but what fun is that?  I've got places to go....people to see!  Stairs to climb!  Oh yes, the stairs.  Moms worst enemy.  I'd play on them all day if she let me.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Up....well you get the picture.  And heaven's forbid I go down the stairs in a safe manner, it's WAY more cool to go down like a big boy.  Sometimes I hold on, sometimes I just wing it.  Mom blames me for her grey hairs.
As I'm sure you heard, I've been teething for quite some time now.  I officially have one molar on the top with a 2nd getting ready to break through any day now!  It's made me a bit crazy.  And driven mama to drink.  Or maybe it's my new found attitude.  I pretty much like things my way and if you tell me any different I'm not afraid to throw myself on the ground, kicking and screaming in protest.  Hey, I just want to make sure everyone knows what's up....and getting my diaper and or clothes changed is NOT how I want to spend my time.  Sorry mom.
On a happier note, I've also done some pretty awesome things lately.  Figure I better throw mom and dad a bone so they think they're doing something right as parents!  I've officially said my first word besides no, ok and uh-oh.  Car.  Or as mama likes to point out "Cah" cause talking with a Boston accent is way more sophisticated.  Duh.  As for the rest of my's still Greek to them.  While I might not be belting out sentences yet, I am understanding a ton.  Everyday mom tests me to see what new thing I've learned.  I pretty much amaze her every time.  I will go to the bath, get a book (and numerous other toys), go to my highchair, open/shut doors, "let's go" and many more things.  All on command!  Mama says it's like playing fetch.  Thanks, comparing me to a dog, I see how it is!  I'm also actually playing with my toys now instead of just chewing and throwing them everywhere.  I try to match up my shape blocks to the right holes, I put the phone up to my ear and just gab away, I shoot hoops with my basketball and drive my cars around, even making the car sounds!   I'll even read books....well sorta, I flip through the pages and point at everything.  Close enough though right??  And the best part?  I will help clean up now!  Mama loves that part and I think it's a game!  As for favorites?  Definitly cars (obviously), books and the swing out back I got for my bday.  Everyday mama lets the dog outside and I make a bee line for it....begging to get in.  She pretty much obliges everyday, I mean really....could YOU resist this face??
I'm wearing a mix of everything.  All my 12 mos and 6-12 month summer stuff is still fitting, though if this warm weather keeps up I'm going to be in trouble because it's all getting smaller by the day!  My fall clothes are all 18 mos and 12-18 month with a few 24 mos sleepers thrown in.  Most of it is still HUGE on me, so fingers crossed it lasts awhile.  If I ever fit into it, that is!  For being so tall, mama is confused why she has to roll the waist AND the cuffs just so I'm not tripping over myself.  I'm also still rocking the size 4 or 5 shoes and the middle setting on all my diapers.
I've developed some separation issues lately which has been hard on everyone.  There are days when I want to be carried constantly.  Don't even think about putting me down or a tantrum will be soon to follow.  Also makes drop off at daycare a bit more interesting.  Mom's sure glad she only does it sometimes, because it's way more fun to pick me up when I'm happy and smiling then to tear my death grip off her leg so she can leave.  I've also decided that sometimes it's lonely in my room at night.  So I get up around 2 and scream until someone comes in to save me.  It's fun times for everyone.  I've also formed a strong attachment to my blankie and my paci.  When mom isn't looking I sometimes sneak them out of my room.  Like she isn't going to notice the white tail following me down the hall.  That mom, she's one smart cookie, I can't get anything past her!

Well folks.  I guess that's it.  Until next month!      


Molly B said...

Ok so I just love this the last shot with him and his blankey and the dog! Too cute....hope you are doing well...

Nikki said...

We did the two in the morning wake up separation totally sucked. I refused to just sit there while she decided how long it would take her to go back to sleep, but if I left she cried. Good thing it only lasted a couple of weeks.

dave and jenn said...

What a fun age! I can't wait until Jade can do all of these things too. :)

Melissa said...

I can't believe how big he is! He's such a cute little boy!