Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

  • So awhile back I joined Molly's Fall Swap!  I got matched up with the fabulous Pinky B and last week a beautiful package showed up in my mailbox!  Ms B spoiled me for sure!  TWO amazing candles.  Fall has hands down some of the best smells!  Cinnamon, spice, pumpkin, apple cider....I love them all!  And now my house smells pretty darn good!  Some Godiva Chocolate Truffle coffee.  Two of my favorite things rolled into one?  Yes please!!  A FUN dark blue nail polish which oddly enough I had been looking for!  And last, but certainly not least, a leaf candy dish filled with my fave candy, Reeses!!  Let's just say between me and the hubs, they didn't last long and now my poor leaf sits alone and empty.  Thank you Pinky B for all my Fab-YOU-lous gifts!!


  • Last week I got my hair done for the first time in SIX months.  I was so over being a Brunette.  It had faded and was pretty mousy and blah....I was ready for a little blond in my life again!  We put in some highlights and voila!  It feels so good.  While brunette was fun while it lasted, I think I'll always be a blond at heart.  We also cut off 2 1/2 inches.  Amazing how good a trip to the salon can make you feel!

  • I keep hearing clips of Justin Bieber's new Christmas song on the radio.'s actually not bad.  His voice is changing and it has a bit of a Jack Johnson feel to it.  I even got the hubs to listen to it and admit it wasn't the worst song ever.  Maybe I have a little love for the Biebs in me after all.

  • I'm due for a new cell phone and I can't decide.  I was all dead set on the HTC  Evo and then Sprint had to go and get the iPhone.  Now I'm torn.  Everyone keeps saying get the iPhone, it's fabulous, your life will never be the same....but eh, I'm just not sold on it yet.  The Evo is so thin, and light and has a nice BIG screen.  Android has WAY more free apps where, from what I've heard, Apple nickle and dimes you for everything.  Plus everyone is sold out of the 4S and I kinda want my new phone like yesterday.

  • I broke down and joined Pinterest.  Mainly because I was hoping to get some good {P}inspiration for our family photos last week.  Eh.  I don't get it.  And I didn't find anything I was looking for.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  Now I keep getting notifications that people are "following" me.  I'm warning you in advance people, I only have one "pin" and I don't see anymore coming in the near future.  Sorry to disappoint.

  • Last month I tried to be crafty and was then reminded why I don't do crafts.  You see, I went out and bought all the supplies to make a wreath for Halloween.  Half way through I ran out of ribbon and when I went back to the store, they were all sold out.  It then sat on my kitchen table, half finished, for weeks until I finally moved it downstairs to the junk room.  Craft fail. 

  • Are you all keeping up on the Baby Lisa story?  The girls at work are all obsessed, watching the minute by minute live coverage and I've been sucked in.  I think part of the obsession has to do with the fact that it's all happening right here in KC.  Kinda brings it closer to home.  I feel bad for the parents, but stories like Kasey Anthony and JonBenet Ramsey automatically have me wondering if they had a part in it.  How does a baby just disappear without a trace??

  • The Italian Beef Sliders from Tasty Tuesday were amazing.  Best new recipe I've made in a looong while!!  These will definitely be a new staple in our dinner rotation!  You HAVE to try them!

  • I'm still LOVING my new position.  Great to be back in a clinical setting, plus the kids crack me up on a daily basis.  Just today a little boy brought me this picture.  Melts my heart.

Happy {almost} Friday Friends!


Annie said...

i am due for a new phone as well and also can not decide!! i kept waiting for the iphone to come to sprint but now i'm torn on the evo and iphone as well.
i'm still loving pinterest but not as addicted as i once was ;) i love crafts so i go on there for crafting idaes. i also searched for photo shot ideas and then by the time it came to take family pictures i'd forgotten everything i pinned, ha!
i am kind of keeping up with the baby lisa story and now that the mom has changed her story more than once i'm starting to think she might have something to do with it :(
i'm off to check our your recipe from tuesday!
hope you are having a great week hun!! :)

Jules said...

Oooh, I love of the fun fall swap goodies you got. That polish looks pretty.

I do love my iPhone and don't know I how I lived without it, but have never had an android to compare it to. I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

I've really been loving Pinterst for finding new recipes. I've already tried two and they were a hit. I also just find a lot of other random stuff on there.

I'm so glad you're loving your new role at work. The note is cute :)

Molly said...

LOVE your fall swap goodies. Reeses pb cups in my house would be gone immediately as well, mmm!

I just switched to the iPhone, I already obsessed!

Susannah said...

I would totally try to hold out for the iPhone, I swear to you, it is SO worth the wait. I was thinking the same thing until I got mine, and sorry to say, but Apple is superior. :) Also, what is the latest on the baby? I haven't read anything since the disappearance. SWEET fall goodies, btw.

Stephanie said...

So...that picture is adorable and makes me think I should work in an elementary school, but then I remember I lack patience ;)

I signed up for Pinterest last week and I don't get it either. I didn't find much and what I did find, I'd already seen in Google image searches while looking for nursery inspiration. And I get what feels like 50 emails a day that people are following me too - I want to tell them not too. ;)

As for the phones - I'm the lone hold out in my family that doesn't have a smartphone. All my phone can do is call and text. And I thought it was cool when I upgraded a couple years ago and can now send pictures and short video by text too! However, my dad, mom and husband are all iPhone obsessed. Seriously, they love the thing. Just my $0.02!

Married...with a Pup said...

I just got my hair done too! I was there for 4 HOURS!!!! It was so nice though and definitely made me feel refreshed! I have the Sprint Evo and LOVE it! However, I don't hear anybody complaining about the iPhone either =)

Jillian said...

Keep using pinterest you will learn to love it. I was so confused and didn't like it at all at first. But now I am OBSESSED!!

SassyModernMom said...

So much to comment on!
Your swap looks amazing:) I'm a blackberry torch girl but would consider an iphone AND I am afraid to try Pine...(can't even type it) you may never see me again!

Ashley said...

I am just now seeing your family pics, LOVE them!! Especially the one of you and Jamie, precious! I'm going to get my hair done this weekend, for the first time in....I have NO idea how long! All I know is that I have about 4 inches of new growth, which is dark brown, and it looks horrible with my VERY blonde highlighted hair! I am really looking forward to a relaxing hair appointment!

Gwen said...

I think we should go phone/plan shopping together since I'm in the market also. And of course have lattes. :)

I love that polish!!!! What color is it? My favorite from Essie that I got a few weeks ago is Sexy Divide but it's a purple color. Totally makes me thing of K-State when I wear it. LOL!

Jamie said...

I always feel better as a blond too. It is just so much upkeep for me.

dave and jenn said...

I didn't get Pinterest at first either, but now I kind of like it. The only annoying thing is when you see the same thing posted over and over and over.

Hilary Lane said...

It might be too late, but my boyfriend had the Evo & the Evo 3D and now has the iPhone. Our Sprint service was pretty nonexistent in our neighborhood (where he lives AND works), which was the reason for the switch. But, if he had to pick, he'd pick the iPhone overall!