Thursday, October 6, 2011


Linking up with From Mrs. to Mama today for....
  • Seriously?  When I picked Jamie up from school yesterday his teacher said he had a GREAT day.  He didn't hit anyone and didn't eat the paint during art.  I had to laugh, that with a 14 mos old, this constitutes a GREAT day.  Boys.
  • Seriously computer?  Why are you running so slow and acting all wonky.  I think you have a virus.  NOT cool.
  • Seriously blogger?  Why didn't you post my scheduled post yesterday like you promised???  I thought we were friends.
  • Seriously?  I already have FIFTY pages in Jamie's 1st year book....I'm only up to 6 months.
  • Seriously laptop?!  Why did you die on me last night BEFORE I saved said picture book.  My 2 hours of work better not be lost.  I'm too afraid to look.
  • Seriously mother nature?  The heat and the A/C in the same week?  Make up your mind already!
  • Seriously germies?  Go away.  I can't afford to have a sick baby this weekend...we have plans!  BIG ones!
  • Seriously 21 know it all I work with?!  While I may be older than you, I am most certainly NOT old!  Oh, and you don't know everything.  Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • Seriously teething?  We're done with you.  Be gone now.
  • Seriously?  I saw a girl riding her more than 7 years old....talking on a cell phone. 
What made you go Seriously?!?  this week?


Ashley said...

Blogger never posts my scheduled posts. I thought it was just me! haha

And our development has a couple girls in elementary school with cell phones too. Not the emergency kind.. the kind where they walk, ride their bike, and talk going down the street to their friends. Parents are crazy. Who could afford to get them a regular cell phone that young?!

Jules said...

We've got the same kind of weather going on right now from cold to hot. It's 68 today and will be up to 80 on Sunday. WTH!

I hope all of your hard work was saved. I'm sure Jamie's first year book will be so cute.

7 year old on a cell phone...I can just see it in my head and it's a funny image.

Michal Renee' said...

I swear I have a virus on my computer too and I really don't have the time to go get a clean up! :( I hope you didn't lose all your work too!!

ALin said...

HAHA! The first one made me laugh. We consistantly have days where the teachers at daycare say that Tucker had a "great day" and then he's a whiney crank all night when he gets home!

Ashley said...

OMG about your photobook!! I hope it saved your work! Cooper bit TWO kids at school the other day. Two. I cried about it. So for us, apparently the days he doesn't bite are "good" days. he also pulls hair and pinches. Toddlerhood is kicking my arse.