Monday, August 3, 2009

And the award goes too.....

Moi! Two awards?!? Look at me! I'm so's always nice to know someone out there is entertained by my daily ramblings. So much so that they want to hear more! Thanks guys! I've gotten so much more out of this whole blogging experience then I ever expected. In a time where I'm about to leave the place I've called home for 10 years and leave all my friends behind...I'm sooo glad I get to take all my Bloggy friends with me!

Ok. Enough with the sappy talk. Onto the awards! So first, I got tagged (again) to do honest scrap by Ashley over at Pink-ture Perfect. Now I've got to put my thinking cap on to come up with 10 more things you don't know about me. If that wasn't enough of a challenge, my fave local Cbus blogger Brittany from Sweet, Sassy and oh so Classy tagged me to name 10 things I love. Ironically this award also appears to embrace the leg lamp from A Christmas Story...interesting. So now without further we go. Buckle your seat belts...this one could be a long ride!

1. The cartilage fold in my left ear didn't form properly because of the way I was positioned before I was born. When I was 6 I had plastic surgery to fix it and for the rest of the summer, my entire head was mummy wrapped...all you could see were my eyes, nose and mouth. To this day I freak out if someone tries to touch my ear.
2. I wear a size 11 shoe. They are often times impossible to find. I despise my huge feet.

3. I eat peanut butter by the spoonful....right out of the jar.
4. I had a cabbage patch kids big wheel when I was a kid. I was the envy of the neighborhood.
5. I have night terrors. I wake up convinced I see bugs, spiders, etc all over the bed. I swat at my pillow trying to get these invisible bugs off. Do not try to convince me they're not there or I will scoff at you....while still sleeping. Just ask my husband.

6. I hate when people don't use their turn signal

7. Me, my mom and my grandma were all born in June...30 years apart. So basically I have to get busy in Sept of my 29th year of life and pray it's a girl...or my mom might just might kick me out of the family.

8. I have 2 tattoos

9. When I was in college I was falsely accused of plagiarizing my soph. English final paper. I had to go in front of the academic conduct board and plead my case. It was mortifying.

10. I broke my foot 21 days before my 21st birthday. I fell down 2 stairs. Not a flight. Two. I was dead sober.

10 Things I Love.....
1. My husband of course, that goes without saying. As well as all my family and friends, both real life and blog.

2. My pups...Kasey and Moose

3. Thunderstorms....especially at night

4. Christmas and all that goes with it...especially finding the perfect gift for someone.

5. College football

6. LaCasa's Pizza and Runza. Two things from Omaha....the land of my birth

7. Weddings. I've developed quite a soft spot since becoming engaged and getting married myself

8. Target

9. Getting mail. Not email. Real deal, in your mail box....OG original mail.

10. Hanging out with my best friend on a whim....because for 5 more days we can

Whew! That was a looong one. Hope I didn't bore you all to tears! Now I have to pass these awards along. I will let YOU choose which one you want to do....or you can be brave and tackle both!!
My real life bestie Mia Schell @ the ramblings of a single city girl
Elizabeth Marie @ It's Unbeweavable!
Jamie Hiryak@ Jamie Unscripted
The New Mrs. @ Newlyweds!



Chardonnay said...

I wear a 10.5/11 too :( Hate it!


Thanks so much! I'm gonna do the post tomorrow!!

Tracy-Girl said...

2 tatoos! What do they look like? Do they have a specific meaning... did it hurt? :) Love knowing these random facts... I love this award!

Elizabeth Marie said...

That is insane about the plagarism thing! You poor thing!! And I want to know what your tattoos look like too! AND AND amen for OG mail! I heart it!

Thanks for passing this on to me darling! XOXO!!

JK said...

I love receiving 'real' mail too!! Especially postcards :) Thanks for tagging me too xoxo

Mia Schelle said...

dude. you're totally going to make me work! i teared up so bad, almost past the point of being able to hold it in. b/c we can only spontaneously hang out for a few more days! :( it's hard to see that in print! hopefully we won't get rained on for the fair tonight.

oh and i'm happy to report that i honestly knew 9/10 things you don't know about. i don't think i knew about the night tremors. that was it!

and thanks for the award! now i have to tackle this...maybe tomorrow. i'll block out some time during my day so i actually do it! :)

ly, best friend!

Brittany said...

Target is the best!! I also LOVE eating peanut butter on a spoon! I thought I was the only weird one. I could eat it everyday (sometimes with jelly too)! haha

WendyB said...

Yikes re the foot-breaking incident.