Monday, June 14, 2010

The eyes of Texas are upon us!

I never thought I'd say this....
but THANK YOU Texas!!
I raise my horns in your honor tonight!

You may have single handily saved the Big 12 from demise
and for that THIS Wildcat fan is forever grateful!

Not sure if any of the bloggers out there have been keeping tabs on all the college football conference switch-a-roos that have been going on...but it has had me quite upset. All those years of rivalry and tradition being ruined over greedy money hungry teams....conferences joining forces leaving the little guys behind. Not sure if it's all those extra hormones running through me or my true love of college football coming through but I actually almost shed a tear when I heard the news tonight that Texas declined their Pac-10 invite. With the Longhorns committed, the rest of the Big 12 south seems to be following suit leaving us with only 2 abandoners.

So now the Big 10 has 12 teams....and the Big 12 has 10 teams.
Confusing? I'd say so!
Especially when you cheer for both conferences!
But I can't wait to watch stupid Nebraska get beat up but the likes of Ohio State and Michigan. They thought Texas and Oklahoma were tough??
Haha. Good luck and good riddance Huskers!
Long live the Big 12....err the new Big 10!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I was really surprised by the changes!

Lindsey said...

I was very happy to hear the news as well! I am a Texas Tech fan and I have watched the teams of the Big 12 for as long as I can remember. It just wasn't going to be the same if they split up.

Brittany said...

I can't wait for OSU to beat Nebraska too!! WAHOO!

Hilary Lane said...

I had no idea you could even switch conferences! I just thought it was what it was until I saw all that stuff on Sport's Center this weekend.

Alice said...

Go Horns!

Newlywed Next Door said...

I was kind of bummed the Pac 10 didn't become the Pac 16 but oh well!

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