Monday, August 22, 2011

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

Apparently "Kim Kardash," got married over the weekend.  I was oblivious about any of it until my husband wondered out loud how it went.  I told him he lost serious man points for not only knowing she was getting married, but for actually caring.....and for calling her Kim Kardash.

We're going through a serious case of the Terrible Ones over at our house.  Like throw yourself on the ground while kicking and screaming kinda terrible.  Every time it happens I step over my flailing child and walk away.  They say it's best to ignore this behavior.  I say its best to walk away so you can laugh your ass off at how ridiculous your child looks.  Thankfully this behavior hasn't happened in public....yet.  Then I'm sure it won't be so funny.

Part of me thinks this new behavior is just a phase.  The other part of me thinks he's teething.  When in doubt blame teething right??  The drool is at an all time high, as is the chewing...but I don't see any other signs.  And believe me, I've looked in his mouth more times than he'd like.  I'm one click away from going all hippy on his ass and buying one of those Amber teething necklaces.  Thoughts?

Every single day I see a car with Ohio license plates.  Seriously, everyday.  My mom used to joke about it before we moved here how often she saw then, but I thought she was just exaggerating.  Nope, it's the truth.  Somewhere a long the line there was a mass exodus from the state of Ohio and they all came here.  I guess I can't talk, we're a part of "those people."

Now that Jamie is walking more, going outside is a lot more fun for all involved.  We've started a new Sunday tradish where we visit a new park around town.  Last weekend was a huge success and we had a blast.  This weekend we found a GIANT playground within walking distance from the house that we never even knew existed.  Jamie had so much fun!  He loves climbing up all the steps and coming down the slide!  I'm seriously loving this age.  Minus the tantrums, those I could do without.

We have a wedding this weekend and I'm so excited!  It's been years since we went to one!  The dress, the cake, the drinks.....the sending of your child to his future mother in laws house for the night.  Can't wait!  I had a gift card to JCPenney's so I treated myself to a new dress.  It's super cute AND has pockets.  Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?!?  Now if only I could find some shoes.  I hate having big feet.

Has anyone else noticed how advanced shopping has become?  While buying aforementioned dress I used a $10 off coupon....that I got through a text message....paid with a gift card....that got emailed to me....and when I was done the cashier asked if I wanted a paper copy or an e-receipt.  WTF. 

The mornings/nights have been cooler around here.  While I bitched and moaned for weeks during out triple digit streak......and I welcome fall with open arms, I'm always sad to see summer dwindling away.

Happy Monday Friends!


Anonymous said...

I realize that this may sound a little negative, but I'm being honest...I really never expected the Kim/Kris wedding to actually happen. It seems like getting engaged and then calling it off has been all the rage. Fooled me! ☺

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I know the email receipt thing is crazy! I don't even keep the paper receipts that long. Maybe it would help, but more than likely it will overload my email. Yikes.

Moe said...

Poor Jamie!! I hope the teething pain gets better!!

yay for weddings and new dresses. :) I hope you guys have a great time!! Can't wait to see a picture.

Lindsey said...

Hahaha Garth was the same way, he knew more about the wedding than I did. Hilarious!

Brown Girl said...

I haven't been to a wedding in forever and we are going to one in the next couple of weeks and I'm so excited...although I am doing all the bridesmaids hair so I'll be working and having fun!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Love that your husband referred to her as Kim Kardash! I feel you on shopping, i dropped my jaw when they asked if i wanted my receipt emailed, but it makes sense because I always lose mine hahah!

Gina said...

An e-receipt?? Really????

G throws temper tantrums and bites sometimes too. We've started doing uh-oh time in his room when that happens (per Love and Logic classes). So far, it's been pretty effective, believe it or not!

Elaine said...

We lived in Ohio for 2 years and I absolutely hated it. So I totally believe the whole mass exodus thing. LOL

Lucky in Love said...

Yeah for finding a dress at Penney's!! Both the dresses I bought last week had pockets too. I freaking love that :)