Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings from the lake!

Hello 21st century! So now that my parents live at the lake full time they've finally broke down and got wireless Internet! :::happy dance::: Now on a lovely Sunday morning, coffee in hand, I can sit on the deck and blog. Ah. Such the life. Here's me view:

Got in to KC right on time Friday, only to be greeted by my hubs and the dog. I was so happy to see them both and Kasey was more than happy to see me with his usual greeting of high pitched squealing and excitement piddle. What a mama's boy he is! The rest of the afternoon consisted of QT with my sister in law. We got pedi's which I desperately needed and now my tootsies are decked out in OPI's Charged up Cherry. We did grocery shopping for the weekend. And then waited for our men to get outta work so we could pile in the car for the lake. My ultimate happy place.

Saturday while the parents worked at the motel the 4 "kids" packed a cooler and headed for Party Cove. It was a quiet day in the cove but we tied up with some fun boats. I scored a recipe for Texas Caviar which I will post later. Oh. My. God. It was good. And for the 2nd time in 2 weeks I saw man junk. What is with all these men, don't they know no one wants to see that! And he wonders why at 35 he still hasn't found a woman who will put up with him. Boys! After a full day in the sun we headed back in for some dinner. I played chef and made kabobs and brownies from scratch. They were delish. :::pats self on back:::

Today's forecast isn't looking too promising, so my morning jet ski ride is probably a no-go. Maybe we'll head back in to KC early. I'm looking forward to meeting with the sub agency tomorrow. I've decided if she thinks she can promise me steady temp jobs, I'm putting my two weeks notice in when I return. It's going to be easier for me to job hunt for something permanent if I'm in Kansas City and can be available for interviews at a moments notice. We have also had 3, THREE, showings at the condo since I've been gone. And two were the same person. Here's to hoping!!

I leave you with pictures of Moose and "Grandpa." This is how we found the two of them Friday night....even the camera flash couldn't disturb their peaceful slumber. Looks like Moosey is quite at home with my parents. My dad says we may not get him back! We will see about that! Happy Sunday lovelies!


d.a.r. said...

Oh my goodness, that picture is absolutely hysterical!!

Brown Girl said...

OH my gosh those pictures are adorable!

I Love Brownies said...

AHHHHH - internet!! I thought my computer had crashed and was in panic mode!
Can't wait for the Texas Caviar recipe! AND..keeping fingers crossed for you on the condo! And to pass on the award you gave me last week. :)

Ashley Pizarro said...

Adorable picture! Don't ya just love to sit on the back deck and just relax?!? Now...getting to blog...Even better!

Still rootin' for you and this condo.!

Summer Wind said...

the view is great! I love blogging outside!

Anonymous said...

hey best friend! it's me posting as anonymous again. ;) o. m. g. those pics of moose w/ your dad are hysterical!

gonna put two weeks notice in, eh? nooo!!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

WOW what a view! My jaw dropped open it's so gorgeous!

The pics of your dad are hilarious!