Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off jet setting again!

I leave for Kansas City to visit the hubs already! YAY! And I get to stay until Tuesday afternoon! Double YAY!! I'm going to have to soak in as much as I can because it could be Aug 7 before we see each other again. Ugh. That sounds horrible, I won't even think about it yet. My bestie Maria is picking me up bright and early to drive me to the airport, I'm setting two alarms so I don't oversleep. I have a tendency of incorporating my alarm into dreams and shutting it off when I need to be up before 5am. Definitely don't wanna miss this flight!

Adam and Kasey are picking me up from the airport and then the rest of the day I'm bumming around with my sister in law. When the boys get out of work, we're headed to the lake until Sunday. I'm going to get spoiled with all this lake time now that we won't be 10 hours away, which it totally awesome. Then on Monday I have a meeting with one of the dental placement agencies in KC. I talked with the woman yesterday and she said they have both permanent and temporary jobs available right now. She seemed really positive that finding temp jobs wouldn't be a problem. Even if I just cover a 12 week maternity leave for's something and gets me and the hubby in the same time zone. Plus it's a foot in the door, a lot of full time jobs come from subbing. So here's to hoping! And we have a showing on Saturday. Please let them be normal. I've been a mad woman, doing laundry and packing. Whew! I will be happy to see my pillow in a little bit.

Hope you all have a speedy rest of the week and a fantabulous weekend!! Catch up with you all soon!

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Jules said...

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting hubby and that you have a great meeting with the placement agency!

Good luck with the showing too!