Thursday, July 16, 2009

Help me find a new moisturizer!

So in the last few months I've been playing around with my face regimen. I have tried just about everything. From expensive Philosophy and Origins to cheapy Biore and Olay. The Philosophy made my face break out like a pre-pubescent teen. The Origins and Biore made my uber senstive skin look like I'd spent one too many hours in sun. So much for being "all natural." I finally settled on Olay for sensitive skin. So far so good. I've also been using the Olay Touch of Sun moisturizer which I love...except for the greasy heavy feeling I get from wearing it.

Does anyone have a good moisturizer with built-in sunless tanner that's not going to break the bank??


Brown Girl said...

My mom swears by Olay and I'm not going to lie, her skin looks amazing. Seriously.

Tracy-Girl said...

I just purchased some make - up remover that is also a fabulous moisturizer from LUSH! you've inspired me to blog about it right after I am done here. :) I always have so many problems with moisturizers!

skinnybitching said...

i use aveeno. i LOVE aveeno. i use the "skin brightening" for my face, and really like it. i don't know if they make a sunless tanner for faces, but their regular sunless tanning lotion is really good too... i always get the bottle where you can crank up the amount of color as you start getting darker.

Cheryl E. said...

Good to know! I will have to try it I have been looking for a good one.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'm a fan of the Olay...xoxo

Ashley Pizarro said...

Aveeno is wonderful for a moisturizer! I use their sunscreen too! I also use the Vaseline Coco Butter for lotion...(a lil' on the face) and it brings out the natural colors of your skin that get hidden by all the crud out in the air! It works really well and if I lay out in the seems to help darken the tan! Just a thought! :)

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