Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home and Hubs-less

Helloooo out there in blog land. I have returned.....minus the Mr. and the dogs. Didn't get in until 2AM but the house already feels empty. Who knew my 800 sq ft could feel so big! I miss my family!


Annie said...

I hope time will fly by for you!
You have all of us bloggers to keep you company :)

Jules said...

I'm sorry you're feeling that way and I completely understand. I get like that when hubby goes on business trips. I know this is a longer separation, but you know what I mean.

Sending big bloggy hugs your way! I hope the meet and greet at the dental office went well.

Ashley Pizarro said...

Aw:) Well time will pass quickly! We will keep you busy on here!

Domestic Goddess said...

hang in there! i'll keep an eye out for your hubbie!

i left you a present on my blog!