Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My "to-go" list

I've decided lately I've been in a bit of a blog funk. I apologize for post after post involving the boring details that are my life. You can probably only read so much about condo selling, job searching and moving to KC before officially taking me off your regular must read list. To mix things up I'm going to share with you my "To-Go" list. Honestly I have soooo many I want to visit some day, but I will limit it to my top 10. Enjoy! And I promise I'll try and be a little more entertaining with my blogging!
1. Ireland. I'm not Irish. My husband isn't Irish. Heck, I don't think I even know anyone who's Irish. But for some reason I have this undying urge to go to Ireland.
2. Greece. Thanks to The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I am obsessed with Santorini and the rest of the Greek Isles.
3. London. Double Decker buses, red phone booths, Big Ben and the Queen? Sign me up! 4. Alaska. I am a cruise-a-holic and have been told by fellow cruisers this one is a MUST SEE! We have it tentatively scheduled for Summer 2010. 5. Dominican Republic. I have friends who honeymooned there and really must experience it for myself. 6. Las Vegas. I'm not one for gambling, but everyone really should see sin city at least once in their life.

7. San Francisco. I've conquered southern cal, now it's time to venture up north. 8. Madison, WI. No, I don't have an obsession with cheese. I am however a self proclaimed college football fanatic and I want to experience at least one Wisconsin/Ohio State game at "Camp Randall" in my lifetime. However as a devout Buckeye, I promise not to "Jump Around" in the 3rd quarter. GO BUCKS! 9. Hawaii. Ok this one is sort of cheating. I did in fact spend 5 days in Oahu in May. However it was with my co-workers and it was only one island. I want to go back with the hubs and see Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. 10. Outer Banks, NC. Cliche Ohio vacay destination I know, but I've heard so much about the dang place I want to join the crowds that flock there to see it's magnificence for myself!
So there you have it. I better get crackin' if I want to see all these places! What's on your to-go list??


Ashley Pizarro said...

Those are all fabulous places to want to visit! I actually haven't been to any of those places and we have a few in common! I can't believe I haven't been to the Outer Banks and I live in NC! oh well! I too have been in a blog funk...but that's a good idea for a blog! :)

I Love Brownies said...

In my best Tina Fey voice - on 30 Rock - "I want to go to there!"
Any of them - we'll start with Oahu!! Beautiful pics!

She Just Got Married said...

We are looking for more than just one "Girl on the Go" to post travel ideas. Would you consider being a blogger on our site? You've already got 10 places that you could review - one at a time!! Email me at: if this piques your interest! Thanks :)

Annie said...

I want to go to Greece for the exact same reason!
I've been to Vegas, not to gamble just for fun!My B and I were just saying last night how we want to go there together. He's been 20 times...never with me though ;)
Great list!!

Lyndsy said...

I am DYING to go to Greece, all the little islands and have a custom pair of sandals made by this famous shoemaker there. Also, ever since I saw Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, Barcelona has shot to a close 2nd followed by Italy and Paris....I just want to travel for the rest of my life. Good picks!

Tracy-Girl said...

TL and I have been doing that.. making a list of the places we want to go and see before we start having kids. I love all the places you listed. I think Greece tops my list as well, and Ireland. My sister said Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe!

Cheryl E. said...

Thanks for becoming a follower! I love those pictures, they make me want to just relax and look at all the beautiful scenery.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Heck yes, fabulous list! Need a buddy?! :)

I think Greece is #1 on my list!!

Heather said...

Oh, I would love to go to Ireland someday!

Jules said...

This is a great list. I may have to post something like this too. I want to go to Greece in the worst way and I have heard how beautiful Spain is. Tahiti is another one on my must visit list. I would have to stay in one of those over the water bungalows though.

I have been to Vegas and I'm not a big gambler, but it was a blast!

Nicole Marie said...

oh greece! i want to go there!!

and fiji and the bahamas!

Brittany said...

I totally agree with your Greece reasoning! =.)

And I'm from NC - the Outer Banks are definitely gorgeous and you might get to see some of the wild horses. Beautiful! =.)