Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look at me! I do nothing...and now I'm famous!

When did the mere act of being on a reality tv show automatically make you famous?
All you did was live your life on camera?
Big deal.

But apparently now it means you get book deals, lavish weddings and baby showers, assistants, baby nurses and your very own TV show that I will shamelessly watch...and then blog about.

Enter Bethenny Frankle. Anyone watch her show? I do.

It's lame I know. But there was a marathon on one Sunday and now I'm hooked.
I don't even like the show. Or Bethenny. Ask my husband. I laugh and criticize through the entire episode about how ridiculous it all is....yet I still continue to watch it.
I'm what's wrong with America...and the reason these people are famous.
Oh well. It's a guilty pleasure.

My dislike for this woman started back in her Real Housewives days.

First of can a single girl be a housewife?
I never understood that.

Then she gets her own show.

Bethenny Getting Married?
Ummm. What's with the "?" The entire show is about her question about it. Were they hoping she wouldn't actually go through with it or something? I may or may not lose sleep over this improper use of punctuation.

She's pregnant.I get it. So am I. But why do I see her belly more than I see my own?
I mean for real. They make maternity tops so people don't have to see that. Buy one.

Her wedding dress.

Ok. I can't hate on this one. While it may not have been my first choice at 7 months pregnant...
I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress. Like jealous and wish that style had been more popular when I got married cause I think it's so fabulous and I would have totally rocked it....without the baby bump.

She peed in an ice bucket on TV.
On her wedding day.

Need I say more?

She has TWO assistants AND a baby nurse.

The woman literally has 3 right hand gophers, yet with 5 weeks to her due date she still has nothing purchased for the baby? Not a crib. Nothing. Really? Cause when I go into labor the person I want buying my post partum undies is my 20 something MALE assistant. Someone who knows nothing about giving birth and in turn buys lacy thongs. Just what I want to wear after squeezing a human outta my hoo-ha. Thankfully though she hired that baby nurse, otherwise her baby may still be stuck in the car cause neither Bethany nor her husband can get the car seat out. Now I will admit, they can be a bit tricky...but there was an entire episode about the class she took that showed her how to do it?!

So it's been decided. I'm going on a Reality TV show.

So I can be famous for doing nothing too!


Stephanie said...

I would totally watch your show too and um, could I be a guest star!? ;)

PS: I don't watch Bethenny, but after your recap I feel like I know all about her!

SG to SP said...

I actually love Bethenny, she was the only one I could stomach on RHNYC because she admits to the ridiculousness of it all and she's funny and entertaining. I agree about all the assistants though but I suspect that's what makes for "great" tv.

Jordan said...

Haha! I am hooked on her show, too. I didn't like her at all on RH, but there's something very um... honest and frank (no pun intended) about her. Nothing I would actually want to be like in real life, but it's certainly a bold approach! I think you should definitely have a reality show. Then you could pee in a bucket for all of America- lol!

bananas. said...

you don't even know how much i heart you for this. i just don't get the bethenny hype. i can't stand looking at her odd looking face so why on earth would i watch her show while she does absolutely nothing?!

now if you had your own show....well that would be a different story :)

Jesslee said...

Oh no -I love Bethenny! Her crassness is superb! I do agree -Fame is not what it used to be, but it is also short lived (thank goodness) for most reality tv personalities. She actually was on the Martha Stuart Apprentice before she was cast as a NY housewife (and yes I also don't get why she was a housewife either). She is no longer going to appear on RHWONY now... which is sad b/c she made that show IMO.

I would totally watch your show -you should start videoing everything and vlog it. LOL!

Jesslee said...

don't you like my new word videoing instead of recording. LOL!

Annie said...

i love her and her show!! my fiance always talking about her jaw/face and saying something is just not right with it...ha. he doesn't like her or her show anymore than you do.
if you had a show, i'd watch it! ;)hope you are having a great week and it's not super hot!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I actually LOVE Bethenny's show. I find it so much more lighthearted than the other Bravo shows. If reality tv is going to continue to dominate, I'd love to see more shows like Bethenny and The Little Couple (on TLC). What ever happened to sitcoms? They seem to be few and far between these days. But MTV now only has reality crap- I've not seen music on there in years.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I have an obsession with watching Bravo shows! I actually like her and the show. The whole peeing in the trash can...yeah that was bad!

Brittany Ann said...

I know. She whines about her life...but honestly, two assistants! A nurse! It can't be THAT hard!