Monday, August 2, 2010 dreaming

Just 4 days till my due date and the nursery is officially done!
The last picture has been hung....
all the clothes washed and put away....
now all we need is Jamie!

I always said I wanted a gender neutral nursery so I could use it for all our babies....
well that pretty much cut our bedding search and "theme" in half.
I knew I didn't want something too matchy matchy, but I wasn't opposed to things that were "babyish." He is a baby afterall and will have plenty of time for cars and airplanes when he moves into a big boy room.

When we found the Cottontail Friends bedding at Pottery Barn Kids I was sold.
There were so many different shades of green, tans, yellow and white...even a little pink that I knew it would be perfect for a boy or a girl!
Plus I couldn't resist all the cute little farm animals!

Hope you all like how it turned out!

Here's the best full room shot I could get from standing in the doorway.
The crib is from the JC Penney Bella collection in Espresso.

My Best chair glider/recliner. It's fabulous and definitly lives up to it's name! My mom found a great green and yellow plaid fabric that she used to make the valance....and you'll notice the wood blind we finally hung so we don't have a Lindbergh baby!

Our bargain bookshelf from Target.
I picked up these handmade prints from Etsy. The artist actually makes lot of things to coordinate with different Pottery Barn bedding.
The changing tower/dresser also from the JC Penney Bella collection. My mom used the same fabric from the valance to make the letters and the cover for the changing pad.
Drawers all full of clothes! I probably open them and look at everything at least once a day!
All the diaper supplies. The itty bitty adorable newborn fluff ready and waiting on top....the rest of the bigger cloth diapers are in the cabinet below.
His ever growing wardrobe....who ever said you can't find cute boy clothes obvioulsy wasn't looking very hard!


* Tyly * said...

I LOVE it!!! Just gorgeous.

Marjorie said...

It looks so great! I did vertical stripes in my son's room too and I just love how it adds some whimsy to a kid's room!

Hilary Lane said...

It looks great!!! And I am very sad I don't have a birthday twin, haha. :-)

I'm Molly said...

It's truly adorable! Now all you need is Jamie.

Oh, and I didn't realize you were cloth diapering. Yay! You'll love it!

Jesslee said...

It's adorable! I love the colors -so cute! Your mom is super crafty, love the letters spelling Jamie.

Can't wait for the big news of Jamie's arrival!

Ashley said...

I love it! That bedding is adorable and I'm still so impressed with those stripes. I love the cloth diapers, the little covers are so cute! I sort of wish we went that route sometimes, for outfit purposes, haha. I just think they are so cute in those little colored covers and a t shirt!

Jen said...

Love, love, love! That chair looks amazing! I'm sure you are going to spend so much time in that thing holding, feeding, reading to little Jamie! Love all of the green and the tans. Great job, EyeCanSees!

SG to SP said...

Aww you did such a good job. What a sweet, cozy room for Jamie. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I love this room!!! Everything about it is perfection! Can't wait to see lil J in there!!

Domestic Goddess said...

love love love it!!! that bedding is TDF! I think gender neutral rooms are the way to go! and the stripes!! i love stripes in the nursery...

so when i have a kid one day..come do my room??!

did you get icecream this weekend??

Patience said...

I love it! Looks great :)

Jordan said...

So cute! Jamie is a lucky little boy! Great job!

Brittany said...

What a beautiful, peaceful room. I love the bedding and the handmade prints!!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

The nursery looks amazing! I love the farm animal bedding (so cute). That crib - oh, my goodness, it's perfect. Just beautiful!

Jules said...

Gender neutral is always nice, especially if you have a girl the next time around. The bedding from Pottery Barn is adorable!

The stripes on the walls look so great and the glider/recliner looks comfy. The prints from Etsy are so precious and I like how is name on the wall matches the fabric on the valance and changing pad.

You definitely look like you’re all ready for sweet Jamie’s arrival! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Mandi said...

I love it!!! Now all that is left is sweet baby Jamie!!! :)

ModernMom said...

It really is picture perfect!!

That's What She Said... (No, Really!) said...

Love your blog! New follower! Excited to read more about baby Jamie! :)

Gwen said...

Love it!!! You did a great job with the stripes and the blind (wink, wink). Can't wait to meet little Mr. Jamie. :) XOXO

Melissa said...

Everything looks great! I love the striped walls!

brooke said...

it is perfect!!! i love it!! cannot believe you only have 4 days until your due date!! THAT IS SOOO CLOSE!!! yey!!!

bananas. said...

i love it! love, love, love, love, LOVE IT!!!!! you guys did a GREAT job and boy oh boy little jamie will love it too! i just know it! ;)

Shaina said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love your nursery! I am a new reader - friends with d.a.r. and she sent me your way. Looks like I found your blog at the perfect time - right before babytime!!! Can't wait!!

Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

I love it!!!!

Sandra said...

Your baby's room is nicer than mine! Can I steal your ideas? I love the bold stripes on the walls! Love the valance your mother made, the colour contrasts are so professional. Love it! Good luck! Can't wait for the blow by blow of your labour and delivery!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my goodness -- Nice job momma!!! It all looks fabulous!

Lucky in Love said...

You did an amazing job!! And what a talent your mom has :) So awesome!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

The room looks great!!!

dave & jenn said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see him in all those cute clothes. :)

Middle Name Marie said...


Katie said...

Just came across your blog! What kind of cloth diapers are you using? Our baby girl is due and November and we're thinking of CD'ing.
The nursery looks great, BTW. Love the Target shelf organizer!

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