Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1: Giving Thanks.... to Stop and Smell the Roses

Here I am already a day behind.
This doesn't bode well for the next 30 days now does it....

Regardless I was still thankful for something yesterday.
My son.
Now I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time I'm thankful for him this month, but yesterday he really taught me a lesson.
Everyday I wake up and think, how is it October already.
Where has the year gone?
How is my son 2 already?
How has it almost been 2 years since we said goodbye to my mom.
How is time flying by so fast.
But I never do anything to try and slow it down.
In fact it's usually quite the opposite.
I wish the day away so it can be time to go home.
I count the minutes until my husband walks through the door, and most days it's never fast enough.
I look forward to bed time so I can finally have a moment to myself.
I'm literally wishing time away.
No wonder it's going by at the speed of light.
Yesterday my son got me to slow down.

As we walked out of daycare yesterday the fountain and garden area in the front of the building caught his eye.
 I kept pestering him that is was time to leave.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Hurry up.
But why.
We didn't have any plans.
We had no real reason to get home.
We actually had time to just sit.
So when he climbed up on the park bench and proclaimed he was going to sit and stay awhile.
I gave in.
I sat down right next to him and we talked.
He showed me the October calendar he made at school and pointed out all the colors he used.
He told me how he played with Hanna.
And Natalie pulled his hair. {Always quick to rat you out this one}
How Sam was scared during the fire drill {Which actually happened last week, but who's counting}
That he ate pancakes for breakfast and looked at pictures of  May-May's {Miss Mary's} granddaughter.
He filled me in on his entire little 2 year old day.
It was the best part of my entire day and to think it almost didn't even happen.
So today I'm saying thank you to my son.
It was nice to just stop and smell the roses.



Katie @ Loves of Life said...

love it. these kids are wise ;)

Molly said...

I'm so glad you took time to just sit with him. I do the same thing sometimes. Rush, rush, rush but really? What is the rush? Our kids remind us to slow down and enjoy.

Ashley said...

I love this so much! I'm so glad he made you sit down and enjoy it. You're right we rush so much and wish time away. I try so hard to enjoy the moments. Life is so short and fragile and we always feel like we have to quickly do everything to get to the end and I have no idea why. I want that to come as slowly as possible and I want to enjoy all the time I have, especially with my son.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

So so sweet! Love this and I definitely am guilty of rushing things!

Ashley said...

love this! I love the topic you chose for the 31 days :)

Nikki said...

That is so cute. I love hearing a two-year old's perspective on their day.

Melissa said...

Great post! Time does go SO fast and I find myself wishing certain times away too! I need to slow down!