Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Plugging right along with my 31 days of giving thanks!
This week I'm thankful for....
The snap of 80 degree weather we've been having.  Sure I about died when I had to turn the AC back on.  Yep I grumbled when I had to dig Jamie's summer wardrobe back out of storage.  But this morning when the temps dropped 30 degrees and it was cold and rainy, I was quickly reminded how nice it was to have had a few more days of Indian Summer!
My husband.  He's kind of been a silent supporter during this whole weight loss hoorah.  I know he's proud of how far I've come, he's just not always the most vocal about it.  Well this week when I hit 75 pounds {HOT DAMN!} he sent me an email that made my heart skip a beat.
Half days.  I haven't taken any time off work in, but tomorrow I'm cutting out early and I can't wait!!
Hair appointments.  It's been over 6 months, to say I'm overdue would be an understatement!  Next Friday can't come soon enough!!
Our good friend who's going to take some new family pictures for us!  I love having a few "photographers" in my circle of friends!
Pay Day.  Sure money may not buy happiness, but it helps pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads....and that makes me happy!
The DVR and unlimited episodes of Caillou.  For without it, I would never be able to get dinner on the table.

Come on back tomorrow with all your confessions!


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about the hubby not being vocal about weight loss. I've lost a lot since having the baby and he rarely says anything which makes me more self conscious. BUT YAY to yours for sending that email.

KatiePerk said...

Enjoy your half day! I hope you are doing something frivolous. I love having talented friends too!!

Molly said...

You are a rockstar losing 75 pounds. I'm amazed!

Also, Caillou rocks. Love that little dude for keeping my boys interested long enough to get something done.

Stephanie said...

Oh this is a brilliant list!! Half Days and PVRs top my list too:)

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