Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze
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Last week the hubs and I had some Champagne to toast my 75 pound victory.  I drank about half the glass and felt tipsy.  I think it's safe to say that your average high school girl has a higher tolerance than I do.

I'm not a fan of piercing baby ears.  I think it takes away that rite of passage of being a girl.  I still remember the day my mom and I went to good ole Claire's to get mine done and I can't wait to do it with my maybe one day daughter.

We desperately need some high school girl who can occasionally babysit for us, but I don't know a single one.  There's a girl who waits for the bus every morning at the bottom of our culdesac and I want to ask her, but I'm afraid I'll look like some weird lady pimping out young girls in her SUV.  Plus I'm too chickenshit to even ask.

Work has really cracked down on cell phone usage, to the point that they claim if they see you using it they have the right to take it away until the end of the day.  Seriously.  What am I....12??  So now it sits in the cabinet and I've realized how addicted I really am.  My hands get all twitchy every time I think I may have an email.  Or missed something epic on Instagram.  I think I need a 12 step program.

Unless you're taking your pet to the groomers please don't take them to pet stores.  It's dumb.  While I realize it's allowed, Sparky doesn't give a crap if he accompanies you to buy a new bag of food.

I used to have my exes email password and shortly after we broke up, I would check it on the regular.  Yep.  That's me.  The crazy stalker ex.

I often hide in the kitchen and eat so my toddler doesn't see me and beg for some himself.

I spent an obscene amount of money on a stuffed Willy the Wildcat at Target because of the look on my child's face when he saw it.  Who has two thumbs and no will power?  This girl.

If you ask Jamie what he's going to be for Halloween, he will tell you Mickey Mouse.  Except when we went to try on the MM costume, he flat out refused to wear the ears, so I refused to spend $40 on the costume.  He's going as a golfer instead.  He's two.  He really won't know the difference.  Mom fail.

Whew.  Feels good to get that off my chest.
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♥ Marcy ♥ said...

The more weight I lose the least about of drinks it takes to get me buzzed... I keep telling my Husby that at least I am a cheap date ;) PS I would die if I had to put my cell phone away during the work day LOL

Jennifer said...

Oh this made me laugh.
Love the stalking the ex thing, too funny. Wouldn't we all do it though?
I am glad I'm not the only one about the baby ear piercing. I said to my husband that I want it to be something she and I can do when she wants to and is old enough to remember that day.

Married...with a Pup said...

I love your confessionals. They crack me up!! I can't believe your works policy regarding cell phones. A little cray cray and it reminds me of school!

Gwen said...

You do know that in about a month Ellie will be legally old enough to babysit for a few hours at a time. LOL!

Um...I think the idea of a little Jamie golfer is awesome!!! Can't wait to see pics. :)

Lindsey said...

Talk to the local high school guidance counselor. He/She should know, or teachers should know, of students who are interested in child care and have experience with younger siblings.

Melissa said...

Yea, like 1/4 of a drink and I feel it, doesn't matter what my weight is lol. I have always been such a lighweight with what booze I can hold! I'm a cheap date :)

My husband and I have had the ear piercing discussion in case we ever have a daughter. We both strongly feel that when she is old enough to ask us herself, we will take her to get it done.

I'm addicted to my phone too. It's bad.

dave and jenn said...

He will be a cuuuute golfer!

And I feel the same way about piercing baby ears. It kind of freaks me out.

jennifer said...

Ha ha! I totally eat where the kids can't see me... I don't want to justify why I get the leftover pizza when they are eating green beans. Which I should probably confess that I spend an obscene amount of time trying to feed my kids healthy food but I have no problem feeding myself a brownie for breakfast :)

Well I also confess that I also used to take my dogs into Petco when I got anything... they used to be like my babies and I LOVED taking them in. I am not sure why I used to love it, though! ha!

Happy Friday!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

no lie, your friday confessions posts are my favorite posts in all of blog land. you freaking crack me up.

Hilary Lane said...

I used to log in to my exhusband's FB account & e-mail. One day he told my co-worker he knew I was doing it because it sent him an e-mail every time his account was logged into from a different location. I didn't believe him, but it scared me enough to stop checking it, haha. :-)